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  1. J. Bond says:

    I don’t have any complaints about this judge so I’m a bit surprised at all the negative comments about him. I’m assuming (yes I know I shouldn’t) that the people who left the negative reviews didn’t get their appeal approved. I’m sorry for that, but obviously, there had to be a reason or reasons why the appeal wasn’t approved. I waited 26 months for a hearing and was so happy to finally get a hearing date that my only concern was making sure the Judge had all of my medical records by sending updated records to him directly (his office requested all current records be sent to him directly). So I went to my hearing two (2) weeks ago and although I had the typical nerves, I was hopeful that my medical records would speak volumes as to my disability. The judge had his administrative person & an Occupational Therapist in the room & told me what both ladies would be doing. He told me he would hear from me and if there were questions that weren’t asked or answered by my attorney he would ask me questions. He then explained why the Occupational Therapist was there and told me not to be concerned when he spoke to her using numbers as opposed to occupations. Once the hearing started, my attorney asked me about 10 questions and the judge told him that was enough. The judge then asked me 2 questions – “How has your disability changed your life” and “How have you been paying your bills since you’ve been unemployed for over 2 years”. I answered both questions and then he asked the OT two questions. From what I could hear (I have lousy hearing), he asked her about jobs he thought I might be able to do. Both questions were answered in my favor by the Occupational Therapist. The judge then told me that I would receive a decision as to his ruling in about 4-6 weeks. He advised that I could appeal that decision if it was not in my favor, and then dismissed us. When we left the hearing office my Atty. was surprised at how quick the hearing went and that the judge only gave the OT two (2) possible variables as to jobs I might be able to perform. I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but my Atty. felt it was definitely a good thing. After 11 days, including weekends, I received my notice in the mail and it was “Fully Favorable”. I cried because I was so relieved. Reading his 10-page letter justifying his decision, it was beyond obvious that the read and reviewed all of my medical records and made his decision based on those records. So for those of you who are worried about this judge, if there is any advice I can give to you it would be to make sure you have all of your medical records, including updated records since most hearings are approx. 2 years after your initial claim for benefits. Make sure those records have all the information the judge wants & needs to make a ruling on your appeal. I feel bad for those of you who didn’t get approved, but perhaps you can/should file an appeal and make sure the judge has every bit of information he needs to make his decision. Best of luck to anyone who is still waiting for their appeal to be heard.

  2. april more says:

    if you want to file a complaint with any of them Esp. this one here is the address
    Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Division of Quality Service 5107 Leesburg Pike, Suites 1702/1703 Falls Church, VA 22041-3255

  3. april more says:

    Very unfair!!!!!!! He should be disbarred ASAP… He don’t listen to any evidence at all or maybe he only approves certain people of his own race??? I won a federal case which the federal judge found many of issues he did wrong things wrong that do besides listening to evidence. He is a horrible judge and if you get him try to ask for someone else hopefully you will be treated with fairness cause this man don’t at all !

  4. Anonymous says:

    The biggest ******* judge ever he is ****** he didn’t care about the truth he is just a cold hearted *******

  5. Paul Thomas says:

    As a practicing attorney, it is always delightful to appear before him. He has a good temperament and knows his records well. I don’t always win but his decisions are fair.

  6. Ruth Ellen Friddle says:

    This “judge” doesn’t listen to their own experts in court. He would rather deny a claim than take to the time to review the medical records. This “judge” should be disbarred!!!!!!!

  7. Fred says:

    This judge was very compassionate and respectful and he made my anxiety go away after I realized that he understood my terrible situation. I don’t like going to court but he made me feel welcomed and I felt at ease. Thank you!

  8. E.S says:

    I didn’t get the vibe that this judge was “cold and unfair” in fact he seemed genuinely compassionate. He seemed as though he understood the pain I was in and the challenges that my disability cause. He doesn’t need to be “replaced” as far as I’m concerned ODAR could use MORE judges like him. I know that it isn’t customary for a claimant to speak to the alj ever again, but if it were possible, I would like to shake his hand, and tell him thank you.

  9. peter says:

    cold and unfair judge, he didnt even review the medical records correctly he was more interested in denying the claim based on what he believes instead of the real evidence in front of him, i hope he is replaced.

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