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  1. Melissa says:

    Was kind to talk too but. I had proof of being disabled by several doctors and this man still will deny you? Even with conditions that are listed as being disabled in the official book!? I just Don’t understand…..doesn’t follow rules makes his own.

  2. Melissa B. says:

    With a low approval rate of 22% . This man obviously only cares about himself, than Other people who need the help!!

  3. Kevin Isaacson says:

    I had you two different times and you denied me both times Hmmm .I’m in pain everyday I do mean my hole badly hurts the pain in my testicles and back makes me sick i bet that was no in my hospital records witch I tell Prim pain clinic all the time but I understand I’m just a number to you not upset just really disappointed in are system. And ps when I went to see one of the ssd doctors there was no exeming table there was just a chair in the room take a second and go see .And all problems started the day I had my accident 9 16 2016

  4. Kevin Isaacson says:

    I was so nervous talking to him but he seemed like a nice guy. The only thing I can say I don’t think I explained my situation good enough .I’m only 44 and had a terrible accident at work that messed me up for the rest of my life it took me a couple of years to except that .thank God I have a awesome wife that does everything for me .its just so hard to deal with a tragedy that stops you right in your tracks .I was such a hard worker and had alot going for me but I accept what happened to me now . Life will throw you bolters you just have to accept them.

  5. * says:

    Was a great judge. Listened,asked questions. Appeared to be very thurogh. Kind of glad he caught my case. I would want a judge who looks at everything versus one that just rubberstamps things.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Seems like real nice guy. Hearing done in easy going manner. Only trouble is he denies way too many cases.

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