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  1. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Werre is nice enough once you know him. However, he can come across as gruff or even “mean”…he is not, it is just the way he sounds. If you try to allege a Listing level impairment you had better be able to quote Exhibt and page number of all supporting evidence and you had better be able to directly address each and every requirement of the Listing. He seems to have moments where he is not all there and will have to be reminded some times to give the oath.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ALJ’s name is pronounced like “Weary”. Knows the file very well. Is relaxed and informal. Will ask rep for theory of case and expects you to be able to cite exhibits and page numbers in support of your allegations regarding RFC. Also, if a doctor expresses an opinion about RFC it should include the doctor’s opinion about how long that RFC has existed. Does not like when claimants receive unemployment so be prepared to amend your onset to date after receipt of UE benefits.

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