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  1. Eric says:

    I attended his court room in November 2015. I don’t know what I done to upset this judge, but he never treated me fairly. I had to have another spinal fusion in January 2015 at OSU. This judge purposely used a doctor that had only met me 1 time and for 5-10 minutes in 2013. This judge would not take any evidence from a doctor that I’ve been seeing for well over 8 years, said this doctor holds no weight on my case. This judge refused to use any of my surgeons, pain management doctors in his decision as well. I would love to go back to work, lord only knows how bad. This judge has either no clue what it’s like to have a surgery go wrong, which he used that female doctor for his evidence that never was part of my surgery, treatment, or recovery and she only wanted me to have spinal injections, she was only concerned about my age plus saw me when I was a little bit better off way before my surgery and the state doctors, whom never met me. I did injections many times, but they only help for a few days. I’m pretty much bed ridden now and scared to death I’m going to become homeless. This judge don’t want to help me either because my age, or because he knows I’m gay. Beware of this man.

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