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  1. Anonymous says:

    Update to 5/18/2012 review….
    The “Mild” heart condition now REQUIRES OPEN HEART SURGERY!!!!, yet my wife is able bodied to work.

    Edward A. Snyder, you sir are an incompetent boob.

  2. Grant Wallace says:

    Gave an Unfavorable Ruling.
    This judge re-worded witness statements and cherry-picked medical reports to justify his ruling. Treating Physician diagnosis were discounted in favor of state examiners that have never seem the patient and possibly have not seen the most recent medical tests. Heart condition was quoted as “mild” from a 2007 evaluation while there was a 2010 evaluation rating the condition as “Moderate to Severe with 60% pumping efficiency” that was ignored.

    Edward Snyder is either biased or incompetent. His approval rate is below both Chattanooga and TN averages.

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