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  1. Tis Judgeisaprick says:

    Fuck this guy and his uppity, pretentious, arrogant, unprofessional excuse for a human being. Never met a bigger liar in my life.

  2. Gloria says:

    This asshole of a judge needs to be fired! He lies too much in the denial letters and doesn’t take anything medically into consideration just goes of the fake psychiatrist that social security hires that are paid to lie too cos they don’t want to believe ur own drs. I had plenty of medical evidence to be disabled but who give a fuc with him🖕

  3. I.M. Lawyer says:

    Poor courtroom demeanor. Berates reps and will not admit late submitted evidence even with a proper 5 day notice. Poor rate of approval. He will do quite a bit of questioning and will try to paint claimants into a corner. Discounts treat source statements often without reason.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge is a horrible judge. I couldn’t believe it when I read his denial letter. He listed every single specialist that saw my son and each one he said was not qualified to diagnose his problems. Who is he to say a specialist, a state approved and licensed medical doctor, is not qualified?? He just denies people based on lies and his own arrogance because he has control over other people’s lives and he hurts them with no care for them at all. He needs to retire! He is not qualified to say a licensed doctor is not qualified to do their job. If the state approves a doctor’s license and grants them approval to work in this state who is he to say they are not qualified?? This case is no going through the Federal Courts to be over turned. We requested for the Federal Judge to reverse his decision. Normally they send it back to the judge telling them they recommend them to change their decision. However, we talked to at least 4 different attorney’s to take it to the Federal Court who all of them told us they wouldn’t take the case to Federal Court because if they send it back to him telling him to reverse his decision that he would not do it. They all told us he never follows the recommendation from Federal Court to reverse any decision he has ever made. So, we asked the Federal Judge to not send it back to him, but, rather reverse his decision based on all the testimony from my son’s doctors. This should have been a clear cut case. It’s now been 6 years that my son has been fighting for his SSI. That is very pathetic. This judge needs to be disbarred. He doesn’t follow the law and he doesn’t follow the guidelines laid down by the Social Security Administration.

  5. Mike Allen says:

    This is a person who has a vendetta with patients. He altered my medical record (clearly on purpose as it differed substantially from the recorder during the hearing) to keep me from receiving my benefits. My advise is to send complaints to: Attn: Division of Quality Service, Suite 1702, Office of Disability and Adjudication Review, 5107 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22041–3255. Always be represented by attorney at Social Security. Do not appeal to the Appeals Council because that will be another denial after 2 more years of wait time. Start another application with a representative after you withdraw from the applications that have been denied.

  6. Mike Allen says:

    This is a person who has a vendetta with patients. He altered my medical record (clearly on purpose as it differed substantially from the recorder during the hearing) to keep me from receiving my benefits. My advise is to appeal and follow through the federal court of appeals because what I was subjected to is unconstitutional.

  7. Frank Curtis says:

    He is a fair man!
    He is a caring man!
    He is at honest judge, that makes things very clear to you!
    He is a blessed and good man!

  8. Joyce says:

    My son just got his decision and was denied SSI. He has been fighting for 4 years. We don’t know what went wrong, but, trust me, I will find out. My son has Bi-Polar Disorder, PTSD, Sever Depression, a fractured spine, Spondylosis, arthritis, and arthritis in his spine. He is in pain 24/7 and has not been able to work much at all in his adult life due to all his issues. The work specialist at the hearing stated to the judge that there was no job he would be able to do due to the type of disabilities that he has. I know for a 100% fact that several things on his list of disabilities qualifies him for disability along with the statement from the work specialist. I have not received the letter of explanation as to why he was denied, but, I guarantee that he either made a mistake or he just ignored the medical evidence that was presented to him. If this is not resolved then my son, with my help, will file a grievance against this judge. For anyone reading this here is where you go to get information on filing a grievance against an alj: https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10071.pdf. We will have his attorney file an appeal first, but, like I said if this is not resolved with an approval for disability we will not hesitate for one minute to file a grievance!!!

  9. Wesley says:

    I pity people that have to go before this judge. In general he seemed like a nice guy. But when you leave he’s a different person. It took me 2 years to get this far. Only to have a letter show up at my home with countless errors in it. I filled because of my severe knee problems and my speech problems. In the letter all these specialists that the state of Kansas sent me to “Carried Little to no” consideration. He conveniently wrote off 8 years of MRI reports, and dozens of state and private doctor/specialist recommendations. He also conveniently didn’t even mention some of my other problems with my knees that are well documented. Instead I receive a letter with an entire page telling me “Acne” isn’t considered a disability? Well no “censored”. I never filed because of acne. What kind of person would hire an attorney and wait 2 years and ask to be disabled because of acne? How that ended up in my file is beyond me. Then somehow Dyslexia ended up in my file too. And he went on and on stating there is no evidence of Dyslexia. Well gosh maybe that’s because I do not have Dyslexia. I didn’t even know what that was until I googled it. There are countless errors in this judges decision to ultimately turn me down. Bottom line is if this is your judge you have no hope. You like me wasted 2 plus years for nothing. All so you could get a letter with an entire page dedicated to acne. You can also expect countless errors in his decision. Along with facts that would have greatly helped you be conveniently left out.

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