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  1. Faith says:

    I pray Starr has a heart that god wants him to have. Yes…. sometimes bad decisions are made, But as a human we live an learn. I truly pray Starr has found his caring heart for his fellow neighbors. We as suffering people have worked very hard our whole life. An when it comes down to HAVE TO NOT WORKING DUE TO HEALTH ITS DEVASTATING! I’d rather be working any day than to have to beg an beg an prove my life an health has left me worthless . That’s how Uve made me feel. God teaches give , love, respect, An one day ur faith will come thru. I pray my faith is ther for u to feel the feeling I’ve had for so long . Nobody should have a feeling of being worthless when my whole life I’ve done all the above give , love, care , etc.. I just need alittle bit of that back to help me get thru this life we all shortly live.

  2. Starr says:

    I have fibromyalgia,p tad,gad w panic attacks ,discoid lips,mmd,ddd,depression,aniexty,apresonailty disorder,learning disabilities,and i have fought this 3 years now took it all the way to federal court won and going bk Infront of Starr once again and feel like I am a winner at the losing game cause he can turn me down again I do not see how when I have all medical doc proving all these things and I am past ready to give up on all and everything …

  3. Twisted life says:

    Cheers to the hard footwork I helped along as bending over backwards, getting everything An anything my doctors state clearly in illnesses, what I’m doing to help my severe issues, meds, BY THE BOOK! 1-2-3-4-5 ! As my journey of my life turned into me not able to help myself when my passion is helping an taking care of others ended!!! Depression, anxiety, mentally lost !!! As I spoke gods word the truth the only way to be, doesn’t work when u fight with the ***** An things are odd An medical records, mri, labs, 3,000 plus medical document in Black An white. That document DONT LIE! An to get a DENIAL mailed to me 6 months AFTER my hearing date was devastating…. live in ur car, lose all u ever worked for, fight to prove what’s right from wrong! Life’s not suppose to be this way. I won’t give up. PEOPLE have no clue how this system works, pointing fingers An blaming the other person as to WHY , WHAT, an HOW did all my things get twisted an lied about??? Slap my face! An wow, assuming false statements made is a LIE! Ur turn prove I’m doing ur assumptions. Why be cold, why did it take BEYOND time for decision, when all u said is Only 1 paper from ur primary doctor is what I need. I made sure u got it an ur secutary at the time Mona got it done. So so so much went on during this 5 yr long wall of life I never thought I’d be on this side of the fence. I love with all, I gave, give, helped others my whole life knowing that’s what god wants me to be like , guess in this life we live in now compassion , caring , respect, has left the world we are in today. We live once , I’m thankful I’m still alive going thru what I’ve been thru. My hand can stil give , it can only give another true hand to hold . Bless each one that’s read this. Yes I’m mad, torn to peices inside, I know how I feel each day, words u can’t describe of the pain …. those who made ther call on what they thought was right , I’m sorry u don’t know me an walk in my shoes . I leave that thought in ur mind ther, u know who u are. It’s ok. I know what I’ve been thru U wudnt be happy at all. An ur pain an mental state keeps getting more An more beatin down. From simply not taking the time to understand that 1 person u have turned 1 person into just a # number. We aren’t numbers, we all have names, behind that name an person is a heart cryin for alittle help in this life we are living hurting begging for peace, happiness an feeling good again is all we ever want.

  4. Jessica says:

    After listening to everything I had to say and me breaking down and crying, after he seemed to be understanding and fair and compassionate, after the vocational expert said I couldn’t retain a job…he STILL DENIED my disability. I’ve been fighting for this for almost 2 years. I need this! They didn’t even take in to consideration 3 of my illnesses and my mental health was disputed because I was ‘peppy and gained rapport rapidly’ when talking to the state psychiatrist they made me see. This is unfair. I cannot work. They completely ignored my illnesses. I was ‘disabled’, but not ‘disabled’ enough. I am so upset…I received my dental today after my hearing in October. I am so lost…I don’t know what to do.

  5. Robert Scott Philpott says:

    Hay tell that Native American woman who’s a Fort Smith Police officer Maddie to come see me.I’m not going to say anything about her being a cop but I’m not going to introduce her to anybody either….We kinda went out…

  6. Leanne Freeman says:

    I am in dier means now and about to loose everything. IM at a lose of what to do now. I was denide countinuing of my diability that I received starting March of 2007. I lost it Sep. 2012. I was told I could get a job driving, even though I have no lower reflexs abd show a drivers record in 2009 showing a violation for following to close which is a common priblem with not having the reflexes to stop in time. Other than that, I realized in my medical records after the denial, it shows multiple doctors commenting on my case, saying things that were completely false, even though I had only seen one medical doctor when I was denied. That one medical doctor, to evaluate my MS, was an Orthopedic doctor who did not speak ENGLISH well. The entire visit is undependable. I could not understand him & he had could not understand me. To top it off, the x-ray machine was BROKEN & had to at least 30+ years old.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think judge Starr was very unfair, my husband is deathly ill, he worked 38 years and paid into social security but will probably die before he receives benefits. This is the way people that work all of their lives are treated? We’ll thanks alot. I have seen people that are healthier than my husband prob healthier than me receive benefits, I guess judge Starr feels that because my husband went to work sick or not for 38 years that he doesn’t deserve what he paid into social security benefits. He can’t work anymore and deserves his benefits before he dies, it’s so sad to watch him deteriorate and nothing that I can do to help him.
    Thanks judge Starr for nothing

  8. Regina says:

    This judge was very fair. He listened to everything my attorney, as well as I had to say. I have a rate illness that cause me to have many secondary illnesses secondary that primary illness. He asked many questions. He read my file before the hearing, and had many questions for me. He was very timely, and fair. He even apologized for the amount of time I had waited on a hearing (right at a year), and he knew it was hard to attend the heating. He would make the hearing as brief as he could. Went nicely, and he is a very caring professional man. And when I received my approval I was pleased to see my real diagnosis on there even as rare as it is.

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