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  1. Tracey says:

    This judge really needs to be investigated he has a hundred percent denial rating and treats individuals like criminals… my girlfriend had this man she said he was very rude and inconsiderate… he would let her or her attorney finish their sentences he would interrupt them… people with disabilities are not criminals one day you’ll be disabled and I hope you get treated like your criminal judge or one of your other family members get treated that way… shame on you… for how you treat other’s this man needs to be remove from his set…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t gotten the decision from him yet, but if the hearing is any indicator, it will be a denial. This man treats you like you are on trial for a crime rather than seeking help. He was outright rude to my attorney. If I get approved for this I will be shocked. But, it ain’t over til it’s over. He may surprise me yet…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why is this guy still a judge? He is rude, crude, biased and acts like the claimant is a criminal. Why hasn’t anyone sued for this? We should all get together.

  4. Anonymous says:

    as an attorney who has been in front of him, i have to agree that he spends a lot of time letting you know he needs to be shown evidence on every little point. he treats everyone with little respect (by talking over attorneys and claimants to make any point he thinks is important and questioning claimants as if they are all liars) and clearly looks for any reason to give everyone a hard time. he questions treating source opinions as if the doctors will just say anything to help a claimant.

  5. elizabeth bissonette says:

    Ive never seen a Dr. Lee in my life. Badmouthing the states own doctor REPEATEDLY throughout the entire 15 pages, quite a charm. I have visited this page NUMEROUS times because I am besides myself with misunderstanding of the truth and the LAW. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE…………… know justice……….. know peace

  6. elizabeth bissonette says:

    His exact words as described by social securities own medical examiner on line 12 “patient has less than 20 degrees of visual field which meets the ssd definition of legal blindness”. I guess a judge, not a doctor let alone the states own medical examiner knows what I can see. Well, he does not. He is not a doctor or a specialist of the eye. I cannot believe this judge is allowed to sit on a bench and make up whatever story he wants about my vision and its allowed. Thats why the state has their own state appointed doctors. So that there can be an accurate and legally binding decision made about blindness. If it were up to the judges to decide without legal decisions from their own doctors it would be a farse like this. This is illegal and it is wrong to make up your own findings and decisions. Thats what medical doctors for the state are here for. To help people like me and keep people that lie from lying.

  7. elizabeth bissonette says:

    On page 13 of 15 Judge Studzinski argued the opinion of “suzanne lee” saying he “thinks my vision is more like 25%I which does not meet ssa guidelines. He didnt bother to look at the signature of the doctor. Jason Brooks is my doctor. I was sent to him by the social security administration. Judge Studzinski is arguing that his own state appointed doctor for the social security administration. He states that the medical examiner for the state of indiana and representing the social security administration is incorrect. How could this be Judge Studinski? And his tests were included in the finding to support this. Those test results were in your opinion not satisfactory as commented at my hearing. Well, why do they have tests for blindness then? Why does the state of indiana employee state appointed doctors to tell social security the truth. Like I said, he wants to go above a medical experts decisionand create his own. What has happened to me is a tradegy and a disgrace. I hope this never happens to anyone else with this condition in any other state, by any other Judge.

  8. elizabeth bissonette says:

    This is a continuation of my previous post. I was denied social security by judge studzinski on august 20th and today august 24th i recieved a letter from medicaid applied on june of 2012the saying I am eligible for medicaid for the BLIND starting september 1st 2012.This judge is not only less than zero he is bias, discriminatory, and sick. I am going BLIND for Gods sake and this man has the lowest respect I have ever had for another human being. If I can I am filing charges against him in Hammond federal court. This is a discrace against the needy and the blind and he should be made accountable for my poverty hunger and confinement to my house. I cant go get help from the guild for the blind, no, he said I should return to work. And p.s. the medicaid people said it was doctor jason brooks, social securities own doctor for the state of indiana that signed my papers for the blind and p.s.s attorney tom scully is the worst lawyer ive ever witnessed. I have never heard or seen such an unproffesional, missing half my documents, unprepared loser in my life. I am ashamed of the law that represented me and i am even more ashamed of judge studzinski.

  9. elizabeth bissonette says:

    Well I would have to give him less than zero. I am going blind due to an inherited eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. I have no periphreal vision left, I cannot see outside of the rim of my water glass. I have fallen down a flight of stairs leaving me with 2a bulges in my vertebrae, I was told by the state medical eye examiner that I am legally blind and am not allowed to drive. The depression from going blind is too much to bear, I cry almost every day. First my eyes are failing now I cant drive. I am a genetic defect and it is not my fault. This disease affects only. 05% of the entire world and there is no cure. It leads to complete tunnel vision, where you can only see through a hole, and then it leads to complete blindness. I waited 22before months in agony, hungry, worried,terrified because I cannot get the help I need, and then a denial by judge studzinski. I need more than anything to go to the guild for the blind in chicago where I was invited to learn braille and mobility training and join a support group. I am so mentally unstable with depression I cannot express my agony in words. There are no words to describe my fear. I have been dealing with the loss of vision since 2006. It is so far gone now that I am afraid I wont get the help I need when I go blind. I am terrified I wont be prepared. I dont know if I can make it as a blind person at all. I can thank judge studzinski for making my life worse than it has ever been. Close your eyes for an entire day and imagine being blind. I would rather be in a wheel chair with no arms or legs.I cry all day and it hurts so bad that noone will help someone going blind.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge has one of the highest denial rates in this office. Even though these hearings are non-adversarial, he conducts hearings as if claimants are on trial. One can tell he has already made up his mind before the hearing. Not surprising when you research his background — he use to be the Attorney for the Office of General Counsel, Social Security Administration (in other words, he argued on behalf of SSA when claimants appealed their decision to the federal court).

    When giving hypotheticals to vocational experts, he conveniently leaves out key limitations. In short, go in planning to appeal — therefore, make the record clear, object, and cross-examine witnesses so you can have appealable issues.

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