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  1. Linda A. Lowman says:

    I am not sure what happrned to Judge Burlison but I think it had to do with my case which wrnt up to President Trump in a package.

    For all of upu who were tortured like me snd dhe did not do her home work on my case let it be knowrn that I stood for you all but it took some doing and alot of documentation.

    THERE now stands a more fair Judge I wrnt before, Judge Craig Denny. After approximatly 7 years and The Standard Long Term Short Tetm, Allsup who notated they lost my cases and Shook snd Stone my CA Attorney Lawrence Rohlfing won my case finally here in Reno.

    All of a sudden dhe went dormsnt. I have tried to check if she is practicing still, alive or ehat eith no success but the job dhe did on me came back to roost all of you.

    It took blood, sweat and tears snd hopefully now dhe deserved what she has gotten for alll she hurt eho are disabled.


    lLinda AnnLowmsn won and rendeting decision in 2018.

  2. KF, Disability Attorney says:

    The notion that an ALJ who tells a claimant: “I follow the law” and “the law says you have to be so severely disabled that you cannot do any work” is somehow “rude” or unfair is beyond absurd. She is simply doing her job in educating the claimant about the legal standard ALJs must apply under SSA’s regulations.

    As for the gripe that she discounted medication side effects or diagnoses. Well, gee, MOST Americans have some kind of chronic medical conditions (back pain, obesity, diabetes, depression, to name a few common ones) and take some kind of medication, most of which, yes, have side effects.

    It’s pretty common for people to blame the judge (or attorneys) when their case merits are weak or an unfavorable decision is rendered. Happens all the time. Yes, ALJ Burlison is a bit set in her ways and likes to conduct her hearings with formality, in an orderly fashion, but I’ve never seen her display annoyance unless the claimant or attorney cut her off midsentence or had an argumentative attitude. That really ticks her off and, in my opinion, rightfully so.

  3. Erick says:

    I went before this judge, and I was very respectful. But it was clear that she already had her mind made up in my case. It was clear that she did not read my file, and had no idea why I was before her. When I made mention of facts in my case she rudely stated “I follow the law” and “the law says you have to be so severely disabled that you cannot do any work” never mind that my medications side effects, or the fact that I have several medical diagnoses to support my claim. She is not a proper judge, and those that feel that I have sour grapes, or that my case was weak, I invite you to look at my file. I judge by facts not by feelings, like a judge should.

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