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  1. Hey there. Sorry for bothering you Eliaser Chaparro. You had a SSI court case the January 8th 2024. I have so many problems physically and anxiety is so bad that Im having some kind of major panic attacks. I’ve been going without any kind of cash or anything for over 5 years or more. I really don’t know what day it is or anything. I’ve been in hospital and out pretty much since the appeal hearing. They keep telling me it’s being written up the last month. I talk each week. I don’t ever do this but if a decision doesn’t happen soon, I’m afraid my body is going to quit on me. Everyday my health is going down more and more. I know your busy so I want hold you up anymore. I hope you feel my pain here. I didn’t know my body could start dying out on me like this but it’s unreal. God bless you. So many of us are so struggling in a way that there’s almost no hope for us anymore.

  2. Nunu says:

    This ALJ is compassion and he understands. It took him not long for a favorable decision.
    Like I cry because he understood. I have 4 major back surgeries. God may not come when you need him but he is right on time

  3. I valued Veteran says:

    How is it that you can go and rusk your life for this country 18. But when you come home disabled Ssa discriminates against you like it was your fought you g I t disabled at a young age!

  4. Gregory says:

    How much more time is on case

  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought he was on my side even the ‘ve said there’s nothing I can do and still denied.Gee thanks for nothing.

  6. Sharon Spicer says:

    can I ask a question?? I’m mentally unstable and afraid to post anything, I need help!

  7. Hurting One says:

    This Judge is a very compassionate man that will listen to the truth. He will ask to hear a person’s story. I think he is a rare individual to be in the position he holds, and to have the amount of empathy for others – it is just uncommon. He seems to be very fair, I hope so anyway as he listened to every word spoken.

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