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  1. James says:

    I feel she was just. Understood my situation, no assumptions and granted where grants are due.

  2. James says:

    My appeal with Judge McGee is on the first of April. L4-5 degenerative disk disease, atheritis and pinched sciatica. Also suffer with Gout, Carpal Tunnel, Tennitis and Advanced degenerative artheritis with cronic artheritic changes in ankle due to seven screws by surgery. Forced to move to Arkansas for family financtial stability. Will give update after on decision.

  3. Rachel L Alexander says:

    Went to court nearly 4 months ago and still awaiting a verdict.

  4. Tracy Pelham says:

    I’m going before Judge Mcgee in December. I pray she understands and sees how terrible I am. I feel she will be fair trying to be positive

  5. Johnny Turner says:

    Mrs. McGhee was my 3rd adm law judge to finally give me a fully favorable decision in Oct 2022 after 3 different law offices, 1) duty and duty ain’t worth a flip 2) Wayne Young not worth a flip and after refiling losing 6 years of losses I hired Parmele Law firm in Springfield MO. that honestly was a waste of money because even though I was given a favorable decision, all they did was file 3 appeals I collected all the paperwork amd I recieved all the care needed yo pay them a hefty price to still have the ft. Smith ss office being able to hold MY MONEY HOSTAGE only releasing 2000 every 6 mo out of my backpack? It’s bull crap so I’m trying to find a way to get at the social security office for doing this to me.

  6. Claimant says:

    Her supervisors and our congressional members need to be made aware of her conduct. No judge should get by with putting false information and contradictory info into the rulings. If she is doing this to get back at some attorney’s because she does not like how they argue a case, that is btw them. Leave us out of it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This judge’s ruling was shocking and unfair. Many hurtful assumptions were made and both my legal team and physicians were at a loss, meanwhile I continue to suffer and am unable to get the treatment needed to save my life. The ruling also contradicts itself and lacks important data proving my daily hardship and disability.

  8. Otis brooks says:

    I felt her ruling was unfair and she made assumptions without asking me any questions.

  9. Otis brooks says:

    I felt her ruling was unfair and she made assumptions without asking me any questions.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was denied. Her ruling was full of lies and assumptions. She contradicts herself several times. Lots of miss information.

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