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  1. Micheal d foley says:

    In my professional experience during my time in the office/ court room with Judge Elizabeth Bently I was very displeased with her opinions on my issues in which I had filled a case for disability. She is a very unfair and partial judge and I feel as if she is very ignorant when it comes to mental health disability. She seems as tho she leads the cases by her opinions and remains very biased as the what she thinks is fair or unfair. Just and un just. Overall I was very disappointed in her work, and will likely never recommend people to see her with their cases regarding a disability claim; or anything else regarding or needing lawful or just decision making.

  2. Latasha Williams says:

    Hello my name is Latasha Williams and I was at the hearing on July 3rd of last month and I don’t remember what judge that I had but she was very nice and sweet she understood everything that I told her and she let me talk and everything else I just don’t remember what judge that I had but I just hope that I can get good news from her soon bc even the witness was in there saying that I was unable to work bc I’m disabled so i hope I hear something back soon and I hope it’s good news please contact me about the decisions that my judge said my number is 714-728-3040 or my email address is williamslatasha020@gmail.com I really want to hear from my judge if she has approved me or not

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