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  1. John Jones says:

    I have had 3 ALJ hearings in Dayton by three different judges and Ms. Motta was definitely the worst of all three. She did not ask me any questions, she instead told me my answers, she assumed more than anything, was not interested in hearing any testimony on my behalf, did not follow the Court of Appeals orders, does not have any understanding of my condition and in fact in her denial described all of the medical history that is required to rule everything else out with the exception being my actual condition. My lawyer at the time stated that he had never seen a case with such a thorough and lengthy medical file and strongly felt the case spoke for itself.
    She also made up her own diagnosis of my condition, which has nothing to do with the majority of my records, like 95% of my medical records. She basically cut and pasted the denial from ALJ Flottman, my previous ALJ, who denied my case and the Court of Appeals reversed and remanded it back for my third ALJ hearing (with ALJ Motta) and she not only ignored the Court of Appeals orders, she made her decision based on all of the weight of the two SS physicians that had never seen me even though I have an extremely extensive medical file where more than 5 treating physicians either straight up said I was disabled or alluded to it. Including two of their own physicians that saw me. She said my testimony was not credible, yet she didn’t even give me a chance to say anything so I dont know why she would have said “my testimony” was not credible. She didn’t give me the opportunity to testify on my own behalf. In addition, I had 5 people who see me on a regular basis sitting outside of the courtroom ready to testify on my behalf. She also chose to mention the dumbest medical exhibits, the ones that had absolutely nothing to do with my disability claim in the first place. She does not follow the law, makes quick assumptions that are not true nor have any basis alluding to the validity of it being truthful and is prejudicial in her decision making. She does not deserve nor has earned the ability to be an ALJ as far as I am concerned. She clearly does not know the law or give any credibility to treating physicians. She makes up her own diagnosis, assumes everything, does not give any supporting weight to treating physicians I have been with for over 23 years, Others at least 4 years or more, She is not supposed to try and be a physician, she is supposed to be an ALJ that looks at the medical record, give the proper supporting weight based on its entirety and be fair and unbiased in her conclusion of the law. Nothing close to that happened. She should just go back to being a bad lawyer instead of a bad ALJ.

  2. Anonymous says:

    She approved my case 8 weeks ago but the office tells me it’s still being written up. Any ideas?

  3. Ida Ruth Profitt says:

    She seemed to be pretty throughel and did allow my attorney to ask questions. However, she didn’t making a ruling on disability case the day of my hearing and 2&1/2 months ago and she still hasn’t made a ruling. I don’t understand what the holdup is when all the medical evidence is there stating multiple health problems. Does anyone know how long they actually have to make a decision? My attorney said that she could take 6 months if she wanted to. That doesn’t seem right because when I first filed, they only have 120 days to make a decision. In the meantime, since becoming disabled, after working hard for almost 30 years, paying into social security, I’ve lost everything I worked hard for!

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