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  1. Anonymous says:

    I went before her, very recently. She was initially friendly and then immediately became condescending when she began questioning me. I was filing for permanent disability due to major depression and bipolar disorder. About the only questions she asked me about (and she made sure she made a big deal about it) was some mission trips and vacation trips. I believe she already had her decision before I ever walked in the door. She asked the job expert if I could physically work at a job assembling nuts/bolts or being a garment bagger. The expert said yes. That was it for her. Then my rep asked the expert if I could retain either of those jobs if I missed an average of four days a month. The expert said no. I very much felt like she had discounted me and saw me as someone trying to work the system before I ever walked through the door. I will be requesting a copy of the audio recording of my hearing upon my appeal.

  2. Ramona Barlow Anglin says:

    I won partial disability after a federal remand. I’m not over my illnesses, none of them I cry in pain daily. I struggle sleepingm I actually recently found out from a neurologist that I have small fiber neuropathy that led to a lot of my fibromyalgia illness, plus 60% hereditary from my mom. I was in a car accident in 97 he thinks the neuropathy started then that’s when my migraines started. I was forced to try to go back to work and failed to as my job was threatened by my employers, but this judge felt I was better for some reason. My impression of her was she understood, but after reading her report she did not understand at all. Saying someone is better as they have an asthma attack in the court room and because they try to do something and you found that they would not be able to do this either should not put them partially disability. But fully. Unfortunately I will not keep fighting I’m out of points I will just have to wait until retirement comes. But its unfortunate we pay into a system so broken it helps people who never pay into it, then those of us who cant get as my neurologist puts it energy into the cell and that fibromyalgia recognized in 2012 counted as severe by “my rheumatologist ” who knew me who not only saw me but emailed me about my symptoms and my multiple other doctors and two other rheumatologist who saw me. I have other Autoimmune it takes years to figure out yet you still had it back in 2017 I tried to explain it nobody hears your pain and suffering, your fatigue nobody gets it until they have it, or know someone with it as bad as you have it. The stuff listed isn’t near as bad as my fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and autoimmune stuff other than my asthma. Sad bc I liked her disposition. But maybe the surgery amplified all this the neurologist said. It’s sad you cant get help. But neuropathy is disabling. And nobody listens.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell if this judge is fair

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