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  1. Ramona Partridge says:

    She is fair. She asks questions not to make you feel threatend, or to be condescending like some say. She asks to understand and she can’t show favor in court she is a judge they have a composure to hold, I am certain after dealing with ther twice that she is a good judge. She listens, and She helps. If you don’t win, and there are errors do a federal remand your lawyer can do that, if you do your part which is see the doctors you save yourself time and you give her the information she needs to do the case. I, unfortunately, had to try work I literally was penalized for it, but she has a guidelike to follow and just know that if you can get the right doctors to figure you out, or if yours is just cut and dry mine wasn’t I was trying to figure out symptoms among symptoms. She will listen and read all of your records to see if you qualfiy under ssa guidelines. I like her she is really nice if you need something I had an asthma attach and she gave me water. She has a heart, just rememberr she is doing her job.

  2. Ramona Partridge says:

    Judge Dunlap was a very good judge. She just tried hard to understand my illnesses. She had her own Dr come into court and she had a vocational specialist in the court room, along with a reporter. I sadly had an asthma attack in court the court ac wasn’t working it was 2019 and so she gave me a water she had to help me catch my breath while my attorney darted down the hallway to get my inhaler. I had a Neurologist appointment two weeks later that may have changed the outcome froma partial to fully disabled. I have severe small fiber neuropathy, lupus and fibromyalgia all in one. fun fun. The pain is unreal, but I have lost feeling in my feet and hands. I literally make mistakes ans ee myself typing this, but I can’t feel my hands. I had pancratits in 2017 they feel this was because of this. and That my lupus numbers are low and din’t cause the Small Fiber neuropathy, with it being severe I have had this longer than my shoulder surgery, It affects your heart, your brain, your breathing, your digestion and GI tract. Its not a fun disease I cried its an answer to know what is wrong with you when you explain it and others don’t understand or see it. I have tried working. I lose my jobs, or I just can’t do the work because it requires me to do more than I can do. But, Its an answer, and I have to try to stop the progression, but there is no cure my only hope is to feel somewhat better than I do. But, with it affecting the automic system and other neurological systems I will find myself back in disability after having to try to earn work points to be here again. But, its Okay my Neurologist told me after my diagnosis you are fully disabled he gave me his cell phone number and has teamed up with my Rheumatologist and my PCP to provide a plan of hope. I get special treatment when I enter the office. He took my photos and said to his nurse staff the first time I met him. This is what it looks like team this is SNF and so I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad I was a face. I hope I can help in the studies for this to help others. I pray my hearing goes from partial to full disability this time. I pray that when you need something and you can’t help your illness and how often you’re sick and when you have good days but more bad days you become a face and you help others. I think we can feel bad for ourselves. But, at the same time help others by allowing science to do its work. Judge Dunlap does care and I guess I shared my story because there maybe someone out there that needs my help or at least knows they are understood. My advice is maybe go see the doctors before your hearing if you think there is more to your illness and I did unfortunately it took me, four rheumatologists, to get me to the Neurologist and my fourth doctor wasn’t until before the court hearing and my Neurologist was busy he couldn’t see me until after the court hearing. So maybe if I had that one doctor to help me get to the right doctor we would have had a better case for me knowing exactly what I had. The judge can’t help you if she doesn’t have all your information in front of her. The doctor she called to hearing after my remand (which was not against her, its because I knew I had something more wrong with me and things were overlooked ant that can happen with any judge, any job or anything we all are human and are allowed errors even as a judge and all cases are different. But, I was glad to be in front of her because my first h earing was a video, my second was face to face she could see me and what I was dealing with I had an asthma attack in her office embarrassing, but maybe it showed her what the doctor was saying about my environment and humidity, etc. I can’t be in it and at a job, you can’t pick your environment. With a compromised immune system you don’t need to be around a lot of sick people especially in this day in time with COVID etc. I could go on and on about my symptoms, illnesses. But my point is to get your symptoms and illnesses in front of the judge. I don’t think my doctors even knew half of what I was going through and the ones that did call it one illness and suspected lupus but at the time my results didn’t come back positive that just happened recently. So do the punch test, EMG, and all the tests your doctors ordered whatever their names. They may come back negative on some but be persistent for your health and maybe you won’t be severe like me, or maybe you will be. Gut, help the judge, help you she isn’t against you, she just needs more facts. I had a closed case because I tried working after a divorce and needed money, but I lost my job and I keep losing them. I even tried doing home classes to get a better job and it would be a great job only problem I can’t do what it takes physically and environmentally to do it sadly. Waist of time and money. But, just know because your mind would like you to do something, and your body won’t let you because your health doesn’t make you less of a person. I wont my case before it was a partial disability, but work points were necessary and now I am back trying since my doctor says you won’t be able to do this job, and you are fully disabled and you wont be able to keep working with this illness Ramona he told me that, I didn’t ask him for that. So he has all my doctors doing my disability and on the same page and so I recommend if you don’t have a good doctor if your doctor is just brushing you off, keep looking for one. ask someone about their doctors. I feel blessed to have these doctors most of my illnesses or symptoms aren’t on there, but my teaam of doctors is better than I ever had. Be thankful and be thankful for this judge. Give her what she needs to help you. Sorry so long.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went before her, very recently. She was initially friendly and then immediately became condescending when she began questioning me. I was filing for permanent disability due to major depression and bipolar disorder. About the only questions she asked me about (and she made sure she made a big deal about it) was some mission trips and vacation trips. I believe she already had her decision before I ever walked in the door. She asked the job expert if I could physically work at a job assembling nuts/bolts or being a garment bagger. The expert said yes. That was it for her. Then my rep asked the expert if I could retain either of those jobs if I missed an average of four days a month. The expert said no. I very much felt like she had discounted me and saw me as someone trying to work the system before I ever walked through the door. I will be requesting a copy of the audio recording of my hearing upon my appeal.

  4. Ramona Barlow Anglin says:

    I won partial disability after a federal remand. I’m not over my illnesses, none of them I cry in pain daily. I struggle sleepingm I actually recently found out from a neurologist that I have small fiber neuropathy that led to a lot of my fibromyalgia illness, plus 60% hereditary from my mom. I was in a car accident in 97 he thinks the neuropathy started then that’s when my migraines started. I was forced to try to go back to work and failed to as my job was threatened by my employers, but this judge felt I was better for some reason. My impression of her was she understood, but after reading her report she did not understand at all. Saying someone is better as they have an asthma attack in the court room and because they try to do something and you found that they would not be able to do this either should not put them partially disability. But fully. Unfortunately I will not keep fighting I’m out of points I will just have to wait until retirement comes. But its unfortunate we pay into a system so broken it helps people who never pay into it, then those of us who cant get as my neurologist puts it energy into the cell and that fibromyalgia recognized in 2012 counted as severe by “my rheumatologist ” who knew me who not only saw me but emailed me about my symptoms and my multiple other doctors and two other rheumatologist who saw me. I have other Autoimmune it takes years to figure out yet you still had it back in 2017 I tried to explain it nobody hears your pain and suffering, your fatigue nobody gets it until they have it, or know someone with it as bad as you have it. The stuff listed isn’t near as bad as my fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and autoimmune stuff other than my asthma. Sad bc I liked her disposition. But maybe the surgery amplified all this the neurologist said. It’s sad you cant get help. But neuropathy is disabling. And nobody listens.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell if this judge is fair

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