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  1. Anna Meneses says:

    Why is it that ALJ judge Elisabeth Li sheer
    Continues t o ignore statutes regarding.
    Time frame to.pursue. request to dismiss my case was ignored. Her clerk perjured
    Herself in lying about phone conversation
    Lastly demanded I redo hearing cause
    Their audio broke Respectfully, Anna Meneses

  2. Mike Perez says:

    Judge Lishner made my case a very pleasant experience. I was very worried and nervous as I felt my life was on the line, I had no way to earn money to survive. I was born with a rare disease known as leg perthes. After a hip replacement in 2010 I tried my best to continue working for 2 years but had to file for Disability in 2013. My first claim was denied by people that really didn’t take the time to examine what was wrong with me.
    When I received my decision letter after the trial, it brought tears to my eyes. She really took the time to examine my situation. On 3/24/2015 I had my second hip replacement surgery and I’m on the very long path of recovery. More surgery is necessary in the future. My mind is at ease because financial help is on the way. God bless you Honorable Elizabeth Lishner.

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