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  1. Debbie Thompson says:

    St. Petersburg Times (now known as the Tampa Bay Times) article from January 26, 2007 – “Handicapped Parking Space Filled by Judge” – I didn’t find out about this article until after the staged hearing I had, in 2011, in front of him. The hearing was staged, like the one three years before, with ALJ McDonnell. I know that my so called attorney was in cahoots with this judge, as well. She intentionally threw the case, and a few other things, like making my witnesses wait in the lobby. I was not allowed witnesses. She had me sign something, right before going into the hearing, don’t even know what it was, but, whatever it was, it was used against me. This judge also ignored my documentation from a well seasoned infectious disease doctor, and used the Social Security doctors from the previous hearing, (this was supposed to be a fresh new hearing, according to the so called attorney…another lie), who saw me for five minutes, and who are paid to say no. He sent me a scathing 14 page denial letter, using the “not credible” fairytale. Judge Torres was parking in handicapped spots, with a placard that belonged to an 86 year old woman from Bradenton. I consider him to be not credible, and according to Social Security, I also have no recourse against this judge, either. YOU, Judge Torres, are not credible!!!!!!! (Notice I didn’t need to use 14 pieces of paper to tell YOU that!) I will not rate this judge, other than to say, “Why is he still on the bench??”

  2. james tou says:

    this judge is unfair unable to speak english without that god awful accent looking like slugworth and sounding just like him on willie wokna and the choclate factory this guy got no life so he will try to end yours its how i feel

  3. Kathy McMullen says:

    My daughter went before him, she cried because he was so kind nice, she said “I believe he is fair, honest, kind and was very patient with her. Not knowing her decision yet, she still felt comfortable with him…..

  4. jwh says:

    judge torres is a very fair man doing a very difficult job

  5. cristina rodriguez says:

    saludos! Elving L. Torres; desde Puerto Rico, Cristina Rodriguez/PO BOX 1003/DORADO, PR 00646/CEL:(787)344-9475

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like Judge Torres, he is nice and fair. He definitely does like to amend, or offer closed periods. Will favor obvious physical impairments!

  7. Anonymous says:

    amend amend amend. Don’t go in expected a Fully Favorable decision because even IF he’s inclined to pay your case, he’ll ask you to amend. You can ask for a different date, and he may be amenable to that. But amend amend amend. He also doesn’t appear to believe that psych cases are real. Denies denies denies. Make your case strong. Must have good testimony- he likes to manipulate claimant testimony. If he rephrases what claimant said- make sure claimant knows what he/she actually said and don’t let ALJ manipulate the testimony.

  8. Sherri R Ansel says:

    I do not think this judge had enough info on my case in Febuary, 2011. Plus my attorney did not say but one line before I walked in and that was, This Judge and I do not get along. He, Judge Torres, felt I could work secondary, part time. I had to come to Ohio for medical. Episodic Motor Weakness is what the doctors and neurologist here, have found. If the doctors at the clinics there would have sent me to the proper place, I know this Judge would have disabaled me. POINT: Make sure you know your lawyer and make sure you get the right doctors. I am still in reconsideration but had to transfer to Ohio. The sad part of this is even the judge has guidelines he has to follow. Judge Torres is a fair Judge. It is the Social Security Attorney who did not complete his job, nor the doctors in Englewood, Florida.

  9. Another anonimus says:

    He is firm but fair. Treats people with respect.

  10. annomymous says:

    He Is a very cruel judge and lacks common sense and compasson for those that are very ill

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