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  1. Just Me says:

    I haven’t had a decision yet. From Judge Torres however I think a lot of these comments are unfair he has a very hard job to do he has to weed out the frauds from the people that are actually disabled
    I didn’t have a hard time understanding his accent he had very kind eyes he seemed very sweet and extremely professional
    I had a God awful attorney and judge Torres took the first 45 minutes to Reprimand my attorney and he also cut my Hearing short because of the time it took to call out my attorney
    Of course I’m going to be extremely disappointed if I’m not awarded Social Security…But I don’t believe it will be the judges fault I will believe that it will be my attorney’s fault for not doing his job correctly we live in a society where there are a lot of Frauds out there and unfortunately the judges have to decipher fact from fiction
    If I am not approved then I will just appeal and start the process over again I know it’s hard and I know it’s unfair to a lot of people however it is the way it is and that is to keep the frauds at Bay….You have my vote judge to ask whether I’m approved or not

  2. Girl with no face says:

    Still waiting for an appeal of this Judge. 6 months for them to open my case, just waiting for an answer if I get approved, denied or see the Judge. So much was missed.

  3. Kori W says:

    Mr. Torres was the ALJ judge for my disability hearing on March 14, 2018. In the courtroom I was represented by an attorney, myself, the court reporter, and a vocational expert. I began my disability hearing outlining the facts of my disability.
    Judge Torres listened as I stated my claim, asked questions that were relevant to my disability and deferred questions to the vocational expert. In my opinion, Judge Torres is fair, upholds the laws of social security disability, and listens to the defendants. I see no reason that his decisions are not based on facts and if there is proof of disability then he decides accordingly.

    I did not find his accent thick at all as a previous poster stated.

  4. Joseph F says:

    All I can say if you tell the truth you will have no problem. I remembered everything I answered on the paper when I filed for S.S everything was the same to many people don’t want to work I wish I could work and I pray that someday I might be able to go back to work. He has a job to do .

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge seemed very friendly during my husband’s hearing. His case was denied because this judge did not feel that my husband’s mental issues met the criteria. How do you judge someone by asking them simple yes or no questions in 30 minutes. Can you look at someone’s face and tell if they are having a panic attack , anxiety attack or are depressed to the point where they are having suicidal thoughts ? Mental illness has no face…but he felt qualified to judge with no medical degree. These judges should have to spend a FULL day with each individual before deciding on their case.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A recent study showed that nationwide, 34% of Imaging reports have different Findings versus Impressions. The impressions will leave out parts of the more descriptive findings. Judge Torres must not know this, or maybe he does?

    He only read and referenced the Impressions in all of my MRIs and x-rays. He assumed I was working when there was income shown on my tax refund, when I had not worked. He deliberately misconstrued a form my doctor had completed (that incidentally the Department of Education understood and thus approved my disability, discharging my student loan debt); stated it contradicted my doctor’s RFC and then that gave Torres justification to give NO weight to my treating doctor’s opinion!

    You would think a judge would ask for clarification from the physician, my attorney or me-but no, I did not know any of this until I read his decision-he had decided before I even walked into his courtroom.

    So be prepared for this judge-have your attorney point out in his pre hearing brief items on your imaging report findings. Explain any discrepancies, etc in your medical records. Although my attorney claimed to know this judge and “gone up against him” many times, evidently my lawyer was not prepared. Now I head to the Appeals Council, alone or with a different attorney, but what a waste of time!

    Looking at the other reviews-you either love him (if you are one of the 28% he approves) or hate him. But he did not do his job, he was not thorough…maybe the other commentators had better attorneys?

  7. Ms. Dugger says:

    Judge: Elving L Torres/Fully Favorable No Amends

    I went in front of Judge Torres and gave my full testimony after waiting 3 years to present my case. I was overwhelmed with my conditions, financial stress, and deep depression from losing my job.

    I was represented by a very astute lawyer who arranged for all the pertinent information to be mentioned and covered during my day in court. Mr. William Hemmer represented me.

    Judge Torres listened to my testimony and I felt like I was the first client he ever had. He never seemed to be tainted or opinionated towards my condition. I felt heard and understood.

    I am pleased to say after waiting 3 more months I received a Fully Favorable decision from Judge Torres. There were not any amends to my case so let it be on the record he does give Fully Favorable decisions.

    Thank You Judge Torres for overseeing my dilemma and helping me find some “Liberty and Justice For All”. Don’t let his poker face fool you
    he is a kind and honest Judge.

    Thank You so much for helping me to get on with the second half of my life.

  8. Nancy l.welch- pierce says:

    I would like to express my thanks to Judge Torres, he was a very understanding judge and I could not as for someone more understanding of my situation. I was awarded my disability, I kept my representives informed and everything went smooth, I did read the reviews and went in scared but with a positive attitude. You have to put your trust in your doctors and that if you present things truthfully and be patient everything will work out, I am thankful for each day.

  9. annonymous says:

    He manipulated my son. Had him sign something before the hearing started, and wouldn’t let me see it. When I asked my son what he signed, he replied “my name”. I asked what the paper said, and he just shrugged. he had no idea. Judge Torres asked my son if he went to regular school or special ed. My son replied “regular school”. Judge Torres asked how many kids were in his class? And my son counted on his fingers, whispered his classmates names, and replied “8”. Judge Torres said that that sounded like special ed to him. and my son replied “that’s right!” My son was 21 years old at the time.
    Judge Torres wrote a scathing denial letter. He stated that I manipulated my son’s pediatrician that he had for 17 years to say what I wanted him to say. He gave ‘very little weight’ to the school system, ESE teachers and specialists.
    I tried to speak up, and when I did, Judge Torres stated “let the record show that “I” had interrupted the proceedings”. I tried to explain how my son needed constant supervision and had impaired safety awareness. It didn’t matter at all. Judge Torres’s voc rehab rep in court stated my son could work heavy construction.
    Well, since the hearing, the state of florida vocational rehab has dismissed my son from their program, stating that he requires too much direct supervision to be employable. and voc rehab suggested my son pursue SS and services from the Agency for Person’s with disabilities. go figure. and he was approved immediately for APD and medicaid. THis judge needs to go. He is horrible. ANy lawyer I spoke to rolled their eyes when I told them his name. I was just diagnosed with cancer. My son has NOTHING if something happens to me. He can’t work. He has no money. No means to thrive. What is he supposed to do? I have to sign this annonymous, as we may be referred back to this horrible man on appeal.

  10. roxann says:

    He is a sorry excuse as a judge. Look at the article about him using an old woman’s handicap sticker when he is fine. He doesn’t care about any of our well beings. I have a disabling non curable disease and he denies me. Makes a lot of sense to me. I hope he is fired for being a scumbag.

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