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  1. Carlos the obese waste of life. says:

    well I’m back, and my obesity is still sitting at around 200 lbs. My rampant drug addiction is still going strong though (cbd, and marijuana in LEGAL STATES), as well as my rampant alcoholism (my glass of wine, or mixed drink with half a shot every few days). I don’t know how I’m still alive, like why hasn’t this obesity killed me yet? ooooooo fun news. The VA finally finished the rest of my diagnoses. At the time of ol judge god Krafts ruling, I was 6’2, 200 lbs with ridiculopothy in both legs (nerve damage. My legs go numb randomly), moderate to severe PTSD, avulsion/ligament damage to the right foot, left knee acl replace/meniscus repair (never healed correctly), right knee patella injury, degenerative disc disease in lower back (L1-L5 of lower spine is slipped, herniated, bulging, and disintegrating with movement), and Tinnitus (hearing issues), and severe sleeping issues (Im in too much pain all the time). I was denied and told I can work several jobs that would be excruciating to my body. Now, the VA has updated my Diagnosis to include asthma (moderate to severe, my lungs and sinus system were polluted in Iraq which the Judge knew about because this was all in the works during the hearing), Rhinusitius, sinusitis,, and hemorrhoids. I sleep like 3-4 hours a night sporadically because Im always trying to get comfortable…. SHE KNEW ALL OF THIS. I PROMISE YOU PEOPLE OF AMERICA, NEVER JOIN THE ARMED FORCES, OR PEACE FORCE BECAUSE THEY USE YOU THEN WANT YOU TO DIE SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO FULFILL THEIR PROMISES. THIS IS WHY IVE LOST 19 PEOPLE IN MY UNIT FROM SUICIDE, THIS GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT US…. AFTER THEY’VE USED YOU UP. I’m over 150% disabled in the VA system yet I cant even get food stamps, or social security disability from the government because “I’m an obese drug addict”! THIS IS THE REAL AMERICA….RIGHT TERRORIST KRAFT?

  2. Carlos the obese. says:

    Well, I’m down to 200 lbs and I’m trying my hardest to maintain any weight. This obesity is gonna stop my heart. I guess all these addictions and horrid food (I’m a vegan too btw) are gonna do me in. Ol judge god Kraft CANT BE WRONG! Right AMERICA. She can tell a human what they are just by looking at little pieces of paper and talking to Dr’s that have never seen you before, hahahahahahahahahahaha. This country is a pathetic white joke. I pray this supremacy ends in a firey blaze…then MAYBE y’all would feel and understand an ounce of my pain.

  3. Carlos the obese says:

    See, I was just diagnosed with asthma, sinusitis, and tinnitus, (Iraq air) and that’s AFTER my diagnosis of a severed foot tendon, ridiculopathy (nerve damage), acl/meniscus surgery (left leg/knee), my L1-L6 (lower back/spine) are bulging, disintegrated, slipped discs or gone, and the topper is severe PTSD. And I gotta go back for more tests because THERES MORE STUFF WRONG! I am in pain 24/7…. But according to Judge KRAFT….all these different doctors are LYING as well as I am. AND, the Dr. she uses to verify her truth, has NEVER LAID EYES ON ME ONCE… but we’re allllllll lying, right DR. Kraft. Guess I just lost my religion since thou shall bear no false witness is gon huh? No 1st amendment rights for me? DONT EVER USE THIS ABOMINATION OF JUSTICE PPL! SHES A COLONIZER WHO ONLY CARES ABOUT HER RACE SUCCEEDING ALL OTHERS!

  4. Carlos the obese says:

    If you’re a minority, GET A NEW JUDGE! THIS BI** IS A BLATANT RACIST AND THE STATE KNOWS IT! I was denied for being an obese drug addict w a drinking disorder. Wellllll, at the time of my 280 lbs, I was bigger than hogan, I had like 28 inch biceps and they used to call me the hulk, BUT IM OBESE. Not a lot of body fat, BUT IM OBESE (at the time of my hearing I was 205)! Next, I smoke marijuana in Florida snd Michigan, and use CBD in Alabama, BUT APPARENTLY IM A DRUG ADDICTED ABUSER! The reason I smoke is because the hydrocodone cause internal bleeding (it’ll kill me if I keep taking them). BUT KRAFT WANTS ME DEAD! And next is the alcohol I used to drink regularly (a few beers, or glass of wine, or a drink or two on my off days ONLY)! Apparently I’m a raging drunkard. KRAFT TOOK MY ENTIRE LIFE OF HONOR TO THIS COUNTRY (VETERAN, EX PEACE OFFICER) AND DECIMATED MY LIFE WITH LABELS THAT WERE NEVER ME! This “JUDGE”, this “HONORABLE” person, this “HUMAN” does NOT deserve to be a judge. She is PURE INCOMPETENCE! RACIST! And blatantly supremeistic (white power right). I am barley hanging on, and this is what I get? I’m DISABLED, I’m in SEVERE pain daily…but to KRAFT im a lying, lazy immigrant (even though my Native American family has never left this continent). YAY AMERICA!!!!! AGAIN, GET A NEW JUDGE, GET A NEW JUDGE!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lovely says:

    I was denied this judge shouldn’t be a judge I have work hard all my life paid in to social security and now that I’m not able work I can’t get what I have paid in lord knows that if I could be working I would be working when I was able to work I work every day I was supposed to work and now that I can’t work I can’t get my disability it’s just not right how a judge can can say that you are able to work like they have your feelings like they have your body but the judge don’t care because she don’t have to work hard like I did as a certified nurse assistant picking up people who weigh more than you do on your feet all day long feet and back hurting because you got so much weight on it the social security System is so messed up some one needs to do something about it and this judges need to hanging up there robes because they not trying to help anyone

  6. Carlos says:

    So I think I have like a month or two left to live now, if that. It’s getting harder by the day. But, I literally can’t be considered a DRUG ABUSER anymore Emily Kraft, because I’m eating the prescribed hydrocodone EXACTLY as prescribed. I’ve been vomiting and defecating pints of blood this whole time, my body’s weak, no energy, but I’m not a drug abuser anymore KRAFT. My Native American ways won’t hinder my white American life anymore KRAFT! I’ll be dead in 2 months, I guarantee I won’t see a penny of the money i desperately need from this program I’m alienated from…..because I’m NOT WHITE! DONT EVER JOIN THE MILITARY OR BECOME A POLICE OFFICER, THIS COUNTRY HATES YOU NO MATTER WHAT, unless your white. They got their YEARS of service that they no longer have to pay for now, that’s that free SLAVE labor. Right KRAFT!

  7. Carlos d says:

    If you are a minority, this racist judge will rip your history apart for labels used ONCE, just once in totality, and use them to define you permanently. I was 280 w 29.5 in biceps, bigger than hogan… according to her I’m obese, and I currently weigh 210. Only one Dr. Said that about me and he was an interim Dr I saw once. Over ten years of medical history, and she found it once and made me obese. So as a black man. She made me an obese, alcoholic (barley drink), with drug abuse issues. (I smoke marijuana while in Michigan and Florida). Literally never in my life gave I had ANYTHING w these labels, but ol racist Kraft saw some extra vowels in my name and knew I wasn’t white. MY RIGHTS HAVE BEEN SHREDDED, I guess giving my body and mind for my country wasn’t enough. Peace, I’ll die an obese, drunk, drug addict….right Emily Kraft.

  8. Julieann rose says:

    I had my hearing still waiting hope it just goes part my way but it will be ok it doesnt. I felt like she listened I was scared of questions that might be asked but they weren’t so that was good you just want someone to listen.kinda scared as I just became homeless my house collapsed. Good luck to all.

  9. Shay says:

    Denied. I am shocked…I’m not able to work, I have plenty of credits. I am on oxygen for crying out loud. Really think this is a mistake…

  10. Shelly says:

    Well I just had my hearing and I was so nervous! She seems very nice, cross examiner looking very serious but I was able to get a laugh out of him! Lol I will post my denial/approval in 60-90 days. She’s new , a young lady. FYI don’t try to represent yourself because it’s confusing.

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