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  1. Tyreck says:

    Really enjoyed the commentary from ole Carlos. I hope he keep posting here. This is a forum for people who got denied to blow off steam. Makes em feel better I reckon. If the judge turn you down, she the Wicked Witch O the West. If the judge approve and pay you, she kind, sweet, caring, and jus wonderful.

  2. Carlos the obese waste of life. says:

    Hey everyone, its Carlos the obese again… guess what I just bought and paid Alabama State TAXES on? Delta 8, Delta 9, and THC-A!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMFG I”M SUCH A MASSIVE DRUG ADDICT… I”M OUT OF CONTROLLLLLLL… and I still only smoke full marijuana when I go to Michigan or Florida. Hahahahahahahahahaha, I’m an out of control drug junkie when I’m paying your fkn salary by buying this shiii… its literally the moron matrix and where all trapped in it. I was told I was an Obese alcoholic (for drinking once or twice a week, and at the time of hearing I was 214 lbs…still am), that I was a drug addict for smoking marijuana in 2 legal states and ONLY using cbd products here in Al (which just upgraded), and that’s the only drug that’s popped in my system (not even opioids cause i refused em), and that’s why my social security was denied..I”M 170% DISABLED BY THE VA, AND ITS GETTING WORSE….since this miserable piece of filth denied me there’s been like 4 more things added, hahahaha… I’m gonna die in poverty when i payed for a program that’s supposed to help me when this happens… but I’m not who that money was promised to am I?

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