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  1. Dyin Slowly says:

    Denied me after deciding to ignore ALL of the assessments of every single doctor I saw, including those I was sent to by social security, THEIR own doctor. Every one of those doctors said I couldn’t work.
    Claimed I was too pleasant, and mentally alert to be disabled. I have PTSD and awful panic attacks that flare up while I’m ON the job or have responsibilities, causing choking and vomiting and taking me away from work for long amounts of time. Every one of my doctors says I’m disabled.
    This judge, who makes approximately $200,000 a year decided to ignore all of that and deny me the pitiful social security scraps to barely live on, scraps that wouldn’t even pay the average rent these days.
    The cruelty is the point and they’ll leave us to rot as an example to everyone else: “don’t get sick, don’t stop being a good little exploited and expendable cog in the machine or you’ll end up like them”

  2. Broken System 444 says:

    If your case involves mental health problems, including PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression, it will be a very tough battle to fight. Mental health is still overlooked, underappreciated, and not really taken too seriously, even though the suicide rate has alarmingly increased. The Social Security system needs to take a look at the severity of mental health, and start giving it the time and energy that it deserves. Mental health destroys and takes lives every single day. Some of it is not as visible as physical illness, but that does not and should not discount the severity of mental health / brain diseases.

  3. Lily Taylor says:

    I went to my hearing before ALJ Statum. I was given a CD to review and see if all my medical records are on it. I mentioned to the ALJ Statum that some important records are missing, including my current treatment. The ALJ promised that those records will be obtained before she delivers her decision, which she said will be in 2 months. Almost 5 months after my hearing, I receive a denial decision. After reading through the entire decision, I realize that ALJ Statum never ordered my current / recent medical records as promised in the hearing. She states “Claimant has not had any treatment recently, and she does not take any medications”, which is completely false. I am in limbo and under tons of stress as I am looking for a representative to help me file for an appeal!!! I am totally devastated!

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