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  1. Michael A. Goforth says:

    He often asks claimant if they would accept a job if one was offered to them. Be ready for that question. Also, he often asks the representative what is the best medical evidence of record which supports a finding of disabled. be ready with exhibiit #s and page #s.

  2. Isabella says:

    The most honest and kind man I have ever met! Thank you for your amazing service.

  3. Michael Riggs says:

    He I appraised before I got my no favorable descion. Know only thing left for me is suicide thanks your honor

  4. Michael Riggs says:

    For me my judge like God is descion determines my fate. I have worked 31 years of my life never been fired, or never drawed any unemployment. Know that I haven’t worked in 6 years I am scared for my life and future trying to get a benefit that I paid in all my life is the worse night mare I ever had homeless at one point home to home like a child in foster care I have multiple health issues and on top having hard time getting consistence care can’t afford the meds or copays IAM waiting on my descion for SSI I only pray it’s a favorable descion for if not I will not appeal I don’t have any hope or energy to fight again or I will also no longer be a burden to my friends and family who has tried to support me best as they can as I tell people yes I pray for a reboot in life and more structured living if not it’s my life and descion to not live going forward folks these illnus and last six years have drains my faith,money, house , car, and life. All the red tape you have to indure I wouldn’t put on my worse enemy not the pain IAM in on a daily basis. I see people all the time that had SSI and IAM like how. Super scared and waiting.

  5. Ruben E. Castillo says:

    The Hon. Eric Anschuetz gave me the opportunity to discuss my deceased brother’s disability application in detail, which is all I’ve wanted since Nov. 2014. The most important thing to our family was for my brother’s story to be heard, not just listened to, but heard. I believe our hearing was fair, impartial, and allowed us to examine the full extent of my brother’s workplace injuries, injuries which eventually led to his death. I could ask for nothing more: a administrative law judge willing to listen and hear, and a ruling consistent with law. I’m happy to have met Judge Anschuetz, albeit through video conferencing, because he’s the ‘integrity’ of the adversarial system my brother’s case was missing. Thanks for your service, and all else you do, Judge!

  6. James says:

    Because of my the color of my skin which is BLACK this judge treated me so bad the way he talk to me like I was his slave, I knew in his heart he hateted black people in even doe all my doctors said was completely disabled I NEW FROM THE BEGINNING he was denie me WHICH HE DID . ……………

  7. Melissa says:

    This Judge made me feel like I was still important. He understood that I still wanted to work, but that I just cannot.He explained everything to me so I understood it and he genuinely cared about me and my health. He also made me feel safe and easy to talk to. He took his time and did not rush me.He also got his decision back to me in a very short time period. I want to thank him for his compassion and understanding. Great Judge!!!! Thank you Judge Anshuetz

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