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  1. Michael lorenzo says:

    I wAs in front of judge Schwartz today via phone for disability he’s firm and right to the point. The way a judge should be. Like judge Judy. He approved my case on the spot. Thank you your honor

  2. Mark Tucci says:

    Honarable Judge E. Schwarz is a very fair judge. He allowed me time to seek the help of an attorney, however the lawyers that claim to work for a percentage of the payment, actually have fine print that you may incur other charges. That being said Judge Schwarz was very informative. He also helped me with the Vocational Expert, after she stated a particular job that may be in my wheel house, he questioned her by saying with Marks disability(s) is he able to perform this type of work and she stated that there was no notations for my disability and that I may or may not be able to. The judge did not try to play down any of my issues and asked me questions pertaining to those issues. He has decided to send me for an evaluation to compile more facts about my statements. I will respect his decision, as I wait with my fingers crossed. Judge Scwharz, I’m my opinion is extremely professional, I have nothing negative to say about the hearing and treatment by the judge. He treated me with dignity and respect.

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