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  1. Corey Cocke says:

    Had my hearing back in November, still don’t have a decision yet…Anyone know the average amount of time for a decision with him?…. He was very respectful and compassionate during the hearing… He seemed to genuinely care….

  2. Anthony Salazar says:

    My hearing with Honorable Eric V. Benham was pleasant. He was thorough, understanding, and respected my points of view. As I pointed out my problems to him, he was very sympathetic to my situation. He examined all the details in a kindly manner, and allowed me to feel comfortable throughout the process. This judge handled my case with sincere respect and consideration.

  3. Jean Tanter says:

    Today I had my hearing in front of The Honorable Eric Benham. He seemed to me very pleasant, and was not condescending. It appeared that he was interested in what I had to say and I appreciated that. Everything is not in the medical records, so under oath I was able to tell him what I had been going through with regards to doctors that couldn’t diagnosed a problem I was having at least more than 18 months before I made a decision to go see a psychiatrist. He seemed sympathetic and understanding. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Most importantly he listened.

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