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  1. Jared Miller says:

    RACIST , my hearing was August 17, 2023 I have a traumatic brain injury due to the 22nd Philadelphia police officers Keen # 4469 and Vazquez #6243 and I was denied my SSDI. I worked since 13 years old. I was declared physically disabled since 7/29/2019. The FBI has been harassing me this second outside my front door. I have several college degrees and A Federal attorney. I went to Penn Medicine and the Federal agents were in the Triage area taking pictures and looking at the security cameras from January util this second October 8, 2023. I just exit the ER and call my lawyer.

  2. Jirri Sanders says:

    Eric Borda, was my attorney in the State of Maryland. Attorney Borda, won my case, which was denied. We went to the Federal level and won. Attorney Borda is no racist. Besides, what does color have to do with you when the law is written?

  3. Bernice Smith says:

    my son’s case was heard on Oct 6,2016, I am very anixious for him, he has had problems, is a long story, the only thing I kind’a have a problem with is the waiting period to be notified if they were approved or not. I am sure, the court / judges are somewhat aware how much stress and emotional roller coaster these people are experincing and their families. I pray every day for my son to at least hear the findings of the court. I am sure the Judhe will take all the evidence presented at the hearing into consideration in his decision, I just don’t know how much more stress, pain and mental my son can endure, I pray the findings will come soon.

    Sincerely yours.

    Bernice Smith (919-773-7773)
    (mother of Kenneth Joshua Oakes)

  4. Z says:

    I understand individuals are often disappointed by unfavorable outcomes. There is no way ALJ Borda denied a case because the claimant was black. If your mother were represented by a lawyer (even a black lawyer) that has appeared before him they would tell you there’s no way he would deny a case because of the claimant’s race.

  5. Anonymous says:

    eric borda is a racist! He sent my mother to 2 exams and both said she needed help medically, that it was extreme. He/she whatever he is sent her a denial letter. God has favored her, so this fake crooked being decision doesn’t matter. I hope you do read this page. YOU denied my mother because she was black, did not have a lawyer, and did not want to pay her the back pay. That’s why she didn’t get a lawyer because you thought she was going to split the cost with your redneck friends.
    GO BACK TO JERSEY FAGOT! You are not gonna pull that crap off down here in the south. You knew my mother case was strong. You denied her because she was a BLACK, AFRICAN QUEEN and you could not take it.

    I know you can’t live with yourself, you are a unprofessional, crooked liar. I hope someone opens up my record and see that you are a LIAR!!! Your mother and father failed and so did you! The ve fake, tacky expert julie sawyer the hell with her and the ugly court writer. GOD IS THE JUDGE and I AM FAVOR!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Borda will be leaving this ODAR for another one. I will miss him. As an attorney, it has been a pleasure doing hearings before this excellent judge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hope I have this Timothy Mallory and o Grady was too mean

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