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  1. Nannette, Lucero says:

    My name is Nannette Lucero and I wish to be known. I want the commissions office to hear our court recording he did not let me cross examine Mrs Frost that rolled her eyes at me when I went to ask her a question? and didn’t answer what I had asked her because the judge got upset. I would love to pay the state beck out of my hard earned money that I worked so many years for because Eric Weiss wasted states money to fly this women out I will cut the state A CHECK THAT WAS WASTED TO GET THIS WOMEN OUT HERE TO TELL THE JUDGE THAT I COULD OFFICE HELP, AND PAPER PRESS I HAVE WORKED SO MANY YEARS UNTIL I BECAME SICK. THANKS FOR LISTENING I WILL SEND STATE SENATE OFFICE A COPY OF ALL MY PAPERWORK I GUESS I NEED TO BE PUT TO DEALTH BEFORE I GET SOME OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY BACK BECAUSE I CANNOT WORK ANYMORE . I HAVE TRIED AND THE WORST IS MY MEMORY AND MY PAINS THROUGH MY HEAD AND IF THE JUDGE READ UP ON MY ILLNESS LCH HE WOULD KNOW YOU CANNOT SEE lch THROUGH CT SCANS WITHOUT CONTRAST and I am allergic to contrast I need special testing that my insurance wont cover. Let alone a doctor that even knows what I have or how to treat my doctors in Albuquerque know what LCH is? do you? I hope I live to let the world know how unfair this judge was. this is nothing to laugh about he was very unfair I even went to the states doctor and she diogionesed me with depressive disorder and anxiety disorder, and the judges answer was its being taken care OF THROUGH MY MEDICATIONS, AND MY BONES ARENT DETERIATING OFF MY BODY SO I HAVE TO BE DYING TO GET ABY OF MY MONEY BACK WELL GUESS WHAT I AM GOING TO LIVE,iF I GET IN TROUBLE FOR TELLING YOU HOW I FEEL THEN I GUESS THE JUDGE CAN PRESS CHARGES ON MNE FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH.

  2. NL says:

    I am writing this review on Eric Weiss, He was my judge for a case I had on April 11th. Weather he approves me or not he was very fair in my hearing, if I said something that I was not suppose to say he corrected me in a very nice way, that meant a lot to me, he did not make me feel uncomfortable in any way, and I had no attorney, so I feel if a person goes to trial and speaks the truth then there is no reason to be scared or worried, if a person Is denied it is for a good reason, he is experienced in what he does. Just be HONEST and everything will go just fine weather you are approved, or denied, and if you feel like you are denied for a good reason then appeal your case..

    Thank you very much Eric Weiss for your honesty and professionalism
    I wish to be left unknown

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