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  1. raafat abou-ikdeh says:

    your honor . i paid the rent for this month . iam doing all take to keep my disability . i did receive three times my stimulus . i fear for my life from nonsense is going on .god bless you again sir the same time you granted me my raise and before that . i did paid the rent mostly on time .i fear seam issue from irrelevant peoples could be escalated to more troubles from me . i fear some attorneys or staff while i dealt with in the past staff when i was homeless or other homeless your honor may health keeps playing games on me one day i feel some how semi good others iam on my death bed your honor i paid the rent first time the check never is been posted BUT I RECIVE FROM THE LAND LORD A RECEIPT TELLING ME THEY DID POSRED THE CHECK BUT THEBANK TELLS ME DIFFRENT the check number 1285 was stopped by me yes i sop the payment then i issued another check number 1294 about 6 days ago yet it has not been posted . i inquire i was told it will be posted at the end of the month again fears after fears your honor . this is the united state no room for harassments from no one the good attreony whom worked on my green card is an honorable immigration judge .
    god bless you heart

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