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  1. SHe doesnt need to know says:

    Just an awful person all around. She has no idea what I deal and makes snap decisions. I hope this lady has no one to help her when she’s in need, I would happily step over and give her a kick 8in the jaw if she needed. Horrible and insensitive. BIASED AS HELL. I will be reporting her after my appeal.

  2. SPLC says:

    I am a representative. She does not ask for an opening or closing, but will allow for one if you ask. Pretty straight forward. Questions claimant first and then allows rep to cross. Can be a bit short, but not necessarily rude.

  3. Gemma Alhotz says:

    Although denied, I appreciate your thorough approach.

  4. Joey Filosa says:

    Your integrity is beyond reproach

  5. Rocco D’Amico says:

    Thank you for being fair.

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