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  1. Though she is no longer on the bench, I am writing about ALJ Revels. Early in my career, I sat bumbling an opening statement in front of her, which she would not allow me to complete. She interrupted me and made me restate my theory of the case without using the words “I believe” or “I think.” She said I should tell her how it is; “my client should be found disabled because….” While she was thorough and would give no quarter to anyone thinking they would skim through a case, I had and will always have the utmost respect for her. She gave me courage as a woman embarking on a second career. I came to look forward to presenting cases to her and found her to be very fair so long as I had my act together. As I prepare to participate in instructing new advocates in making opening and closing hearing statements, I will share my ALJ Revel stories. God Bless her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Revels though very conservative, will give a full analysis to the claims in front of her. Reps and attys alike should be prepared to discuss everything in the record including negative items. Judge Revels will ask about comments a claimant makes to a doctor such as “I mow lawns for money” or “patient tested positive for XYZ illegal drug/alcohol”. Not that these comments should rule out a finding of disability but if your representative is good he or she will be prepared to discuss everything good and bad about your case and be prepared to ask you questions or present arguments to clarify any misinformation or justify nonsupporting information in your medical file. Though she is very strict about keeping questions direct and concise (and not afraid to direct a rep or atty if she sees fit) she will allow a full presentation of the case and cross examination of witnesses. This I appreciate because I am not always granted that opportunity. I have not experienced any issues in hearings with Judge Revels being racist or bullying and she certainly does not deny every case. I admit I am a better advocate as a result of her guidance. Just be sharp and be ready to present your case.

  3. Brokenvet918 says:

    She is a law breaking judge she denies people because of age regardless of medical proof. She needs to be removed and not be able to practice another day she tries to write people off as being addicts and alcoholics shes is an rude and mean person her discriminatory acts should be punished I hope she one day becomes disabled and have to go through process and get a judge that will treat her as she have treated many.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Laura Revels Culler, eh? GOod to see an unbiased write-up from a concerned member of the public. ALJ Revels is terrible. Pompous, bullying, and mean. I have been before her many times, and I always know she is going to unjustly deny my client out-of-hand.

  5. Deanna Thomas says:

    judge revels is a great judge. she is a beautiful person inside and out. I saw her when i was 17 years old . and she had me explain my case to her and my ilness. SHe granted fu;;y favorible in my descion. If it was not for her in no way would i b where i am today. We cried in the court and by the end of my case she left me with some very encouraging words… seeing her a blk woman as judge let me know i could i do it . I am trying to find her email so i can give her an update on me … tho i still am sick it hasnt got me down continued on with college and looking forward to entering my schools nursing program in the fall. AND NO I AM NOT A FAMILY MEMBER

  6. Anonymous says:

    Notice the only positive feedback was left by a family member. i.e. Laura Culler, Laura Revels Culler. Judge Revels is the worst judge ever!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe there are positive reviews on this judge! Look at the approval rating, one of the worse judges in the country. Approves only 13%!

  8. Jamie hicks says:

    Very racist

  9. Laura Revels Culler says:

    Very likeable person and believe in doing right by other s

  10. Laura culler says:

    .very good in her position .

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