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  1. Frederick Groudas says:

    *Washington, D.C. (ODAR) *Administrative Law Judge EUGENE BOND portrays excellence in and within ”in depth examination” – of submitted qualified materials. (Fact) If one’s ‘historical’ record reflects ‘disability’ to the extent that an individual becomes an invalid employee at a % 100 percent level then the consideration and ‘judgement’ as adjudicated by Judge EUGENE BOND commits to the full presentation of allocating benefits as appropriated by law. (FACT) `I just cannot state it BETTER! Thank you! (*5 star rating~!* ~ Especially if a person is ‘truly’ disabled!*)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I quit my job years ago to take care of my son and then came down with debilitating depression making it impossible to hold down a job. Its one thing to take care of a child and a whole new ball game to hold down a job. Any parent suffering from inability to concentrate, abnormally low energy, confusion and inability to understand the complex instructions of a typical workplace would understand this. Too bad this judge just blows that off and interrogates you with the presumption that if you can drive a car and meet your child’s basic needs, then you can automatically hold down a job. Not so!!! You are presumed guilty (or being a scammer that can work) unless you can prove your innocence. No such thing as fair and impartial here. No presumption of innocence. I’m still to sick to work and it looks like I’ve lost my case and will have to wait several more years for an appeal, hopefully with a different judge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Told me because I can feed my chickens, I can work. This was within three minutes of the start of the hearing. Disallowed all evidence by doctors; Paid no attention to the expert vocational rehabilitation expert that the court hired. Told my Lawyer to “Shut up”, very rude and ignores Social security laws. After being disabled for 20+ years, it’s a shame to be told your pretty much a liar. Bitter, arrogant man.

  4. Carl A. Moore says:

    He is a really nasty old man and to the legal counsel. If you are tired of you job retired. You will not be missed. The Lord is holding you for all you actions in court. And is will be reveal on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT IN HEAVEN TRUST ME. Need to review all cases with a fine tooth and stop depending on the fake medical experts for their opinion. Disability SSI is for individuals whom have worked several years and invested monies into the system. To have when they can’t perform work anymore because of health reasons.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No idea what his problem is, he hates everyone and obviously hates his job. The real life Scrooge. Pathetic, screams at everyone. Hearing reporter, representative, claimant, just miserable! NOTE: He’s actually somewhat favorable relative to other ALJs, just know the record and don’t let him fluster you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nasty, Nasty, Nasty. Takes pleasure in proving to everyone that he can belittle and get the upper hand on disabled claimants who unfortunately are not as educated as he. Ignores evidence that is not consistent with how he thinks the case should be resolved even where there is no evidence to support his prejudged resolution. Fortunately, the Appeals Council reverses him quite often. You have to wonder why someone with so little compassion for those less fortunate than he has the position he holds.

  7. Anonymous says:

    He is the most rude of any ALJ or person I’ve ever encountered. Yelled at the rep, yelled at the claimant, yelled at the reporter! Be ready to get ridiculed and denied!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Grumpy old man!

  9. Edward K. Houston says:

    My rating of Judge Bond is excellent. During my appeal review hearing held on 4/24/2012, Judge Bond met with me and my legal representative. I found Judge Bond to be very open and honest about how the proceedings would go.

    His years of experience as a ALJ was evident in his “Notice of Decision – Fully Favorable” decision, it lets me know that the judge carefully reviewed my file.

    I am writing thru this median to see if I can seek his assistance once again.I have ran into some difficulty as the Social Security Administration has yet to reward me any of my past-due benefits.I don’t know where else to turn in seeking help to being made whole based on the judges’ favorable decision. I have asked the processing of my claim is expedited under dire need, as I am facing evication from my current home.
    I don’t know if this message will reach the Judge in time to see or have someone investigate why I have not been given access to my past-due benefits.

    So who ever reads this please forward my concerns to the judge, as I am in dire need of the benefits.

    Thanks for your time and attention!!!!

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