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  1. Julie Butanda says:

    My wife had a hearing with ALJ Evange Mariano-Jackson,. judge Jackson was treated us unfairly. She was denied Disability the judge clearly did not view the medical records. My wife worked and paid taxes for 30 years and she was suffering from gallstones and was in serious pain she needed surgery. she also suffered PTSD and depression the judge or The administration does not review the records of the 3 party adds . She is 50 now and still has not been able to get her gallbladder removed . We recently because aware that adds examiner write out the Medical reports for the CE medical doctors . I recorded throw dds examiners he also stated that he write the decision for the SSA judges decision. A few years ago I filed a complaint on this Examier and he has been a part of her hearing process and we feel that he been retaliated againsted us and we finally after 5 years received a copy of file and the audio of the recording is loss.
    I filed a complaint on th le Alj and FO, Once we were denied it took a year to get partial records missing the first hearing it’s unbelievable We have requesting file .

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