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  1. I am homeless at the time Kaiser Permanente refuse to send over my SSDI what you was back and spine in 2019 the judge I had with socket and Associates it was the son who was sitting in for the for the judge so he didn’t even come to work and I knew they were playing games because it was one of the neighbors with his robe on could you learn a check your judges are police officers as well as your workers there and stop playing games in Oakland and making our town go down and look like some damn fools

  2. Like they stated on the news there hearing Oakland California there on my restraining order for Life therapy fessional hackers who know how to steal over millions of dollars my restraining order is under Peggy Elaine Smith and Essie c Henderson and I’m wondering why is my Social Security money leaving every month but I never got approved for it Yvonne Williams at local 192 is involved as well as AC Transit workers you need to check your Social Security terminal because they’re hackers and they’re inside the terminal still especially still in my money

  3. 90% of AC Transit bus drivers do not obtain a commercial license nor P endorsement by me doing so they decided to play with my life and make me homeless commercial drivers who have had back surgery and Bones replace automatically should get their social security but what they’re doing now is stealing it from the inside out through Sondra Scott an Ellen Marie Lee as Rob Edwards

  4. franceswf says:

    Hon.E.Hernandez. Her body language,way she sat,appropriate eye contact & words used,tone,facial expression,calm assertiveness were consistent,Hence, my perception; Judge was not prejudiced bias or angry but patient in control.Hon. E. Hernandez omits power,without abusing it. “Her performance in official capacity, “Brings Honor to title Judge”.

  5. Izzy says:

    Judge is perfect at her job listens to your testimony without discrimination of character takes the time to fully understand your medical issue and evidence provided very pleasant and respectful they could not have appointed a better person for this job thank you for your fairness!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Excellent judge. Fair and thorough. Helps put claimants at ease.

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