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  1. Caroline Oliver says:

    I had my hearing with Evelyn M. Gunn in August 2023. I just received my UNFAVORABLE DECISION from the judge/courts. I can not work. I’m on medication for my severe anxiety and major depression. I could go into everything that I deal with, almost daily, but that’s personal. I will say that I have been hospitalized several times. I have my good and bad days. Some worse than others.
    I have a lawyer representing me. That too didn’t matter with EVELYN M. GUNN.
    How can one judge a person by asking him/her questions for 30-40 minutes? Even a vocational expert said I couldn’t perform any work. I’ve been in the medical field (laboratory technician/phlebotomist) for 30+ years. My episodes got bad several years ago.
    I got a favorable decision the first time but my case ended up in the appeals court. They remanded it back to Los Angeles, Ca. Almost 2+ years went by, then I finally got another day in court with EVELYN M. GUNN.
    My attorneys plan to appeal her decision. If I don’t get a favorable decision, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Nothing to live for for sure.

    Thank you kindly EVELYN M. GUNN

  2. Josey says:

    This woman is honestly ableist and doesn’t know any common modern language for communication assistance. Autistic individual needed to use AAC to communicate and she would not allow it because she ignorantly had no idea what it was and didn’t think to stop and ask her medical personnel there for advice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you have a case, you will win. If not, prepare better.

  4. Anonymous says:

    She is a tuff judge! She has postpone my case twice. She repremanded my attorney in the second hearing for not having all my medical records. She told them on the record that they were a disservice to me in doing so. So, hearing number three? Postponed and assignd toa new judge. Now I have to see a new judge. I have a lot of respect for her but am quite annoyed with all the postponements because of the hardship it has created. She is no nonsense and is all about the records. So prepare.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Judge was fair and very knowledgeable. I was sorely prepared as a cross examiner, I am not a lawyer. Look, this Judge is following the rules and considering the testimony of the doctors. These cases all ride on your medical information. The treating physician holds all the cards and must spell out your restrictions in a written form. None of the personal suffering matters, it’s the content within the four corners of the medical records that count. When it’s time to testify you are discussing the documents, not your personal downfall. Get your case files and read every page, somewhere buried in those documents is the reason why your case is failing to meet the rules. Speaking of the rules, since I know you can surf the internet read the Blue Book and check to see if you actually have an ailment listed spelled out in your medical history. Remember it is the medical content being discussed.
    Back to Judge Gunn, she has a powerful persona and is very much in control of the room. I got the feeling she knew one of the Doctors testifying had not read the complete record, and she shut them down quickly. I got every chance to ask questions along the way, but as I stated if it is not in the record, it doesn’t count and is not discussed.
    Judge Gunn started talking about the grid, codes, this, that and the other. To tell you the truth, there is something wonderful about an intelligent woman that knows her stuff. I was totally distracted by the professionalism she displayed, her courtroom manner was pleasant and not bad to look at either, but I digress. At the end of my hearing my symptoms kicked in, I was thinking maybe I should have gotten a lawyer to do this hearing, when I heard the Judge mention details of the case which indicated she knew what was up. Be prepared and she will help you if you have the records. Contrary to what I heard about this will be the time you can tell your story to the Judge, it is not a story from your mouth but from your paperwork and records.

  6. Anonymous says:

    judge gunn was very rude. she didn’t allow me to speak, other than to answer her questions. she attacked my character in my dismissal letter. she was untimely in her decision, because of all things, she went on a long medical leave. she returned and ordered a new hearing 8 months after my first hearing with her, only to cancel that hearing one day before it was to take place.

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