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  1. Theresa says:

    Dear Judge F.A. Ayer,
    On August 17, 2022 I had a disability appeal hearing which you presided over and it was denied but hats not what i’m writing about. I wanted to say something during that hearing but I held back because I felt you had already made your decision and though I know it won’t change anything here it goes. I know you have a process and guide lines you go by but I just wish juges could pay more attention to the people and there work history and not just the illness. I am not lazy woman or a deceptive woman. I`ve been working since I was 15 when I took the initiative to get my certification in babysitting and cpr. I helped raise my sister then after graduating I married my high school sweetheart and went on to raise a family of my own I worked hard to to take care my family and when my husband( a Marine Corp Vet) couldn’t work at peiod of time due to his PTSD I worked even harder. I have moved up at every job I’ve ever had often to a supervisor position due to that hard work. Never left a job til I had another one lined up. Even as the different illnesses started to effect me more and more I continued to work and help care of my grandkids . I enjoyed working and took pride in my work. But now my body is often in pain and always tired. I try to do the best I can but don’t have the energy to work like I used to and for a woman like me thats a hard pill to swallow its frustrating and makes you feel useless especially when you’ve spent your whole life taking care of everyone else. Even more when I tell my granddaughter no we can’t due a project today because Grandmas to tired. But all this to say, please try not to judge and assume we’re all lazy and trying get over cause not all of are like that. I know you`ll probably never see but I had to get my feeling i I needed to get this off my chest but if you do thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Theresa Edmonds

  2. George Scott says:

    Judge Ayer was masterful with his hypothetical question to the social security administration advocate and with my medical condition the only answer the Advocate could respond with is his present working ability and future work ability does not will not fit the SSA work gird, thank you Judge Ayer’s for reviewing my file and asking the correct question, my hearing took place on July 30th 2013 @ 12:30pm, I WAS APPROVED WITHIN 15 MINUTES!

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