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  1. Margaret says:

    I remember Fran being my supervisor many many yrs ago!!! Congrats Fran!! Well deserved

  2. Joyce Dooley says:

    Hi Mr.Hurley, I know you don’t know me but I lived and went out with Mark Bourglas for 13 years. I remembered when you told him if there was anything he needed. . Well Mark passes away a year ago I am in Woods- Mullen shelter for over a year. They have vouchers but I’m the wrong skin color.Im not sure if you can help me I am just all alone, sober,scared and this Is a horrifying place to live. Should I apply to social security? I rather work for a living but I have to get housing the quickest way. I have been living on my own since 1997 with no late rent ,same owner and now I’m m here. Do u think you or your partner Gannon could help me? I am desperate and don’t know who else to turn to. All I know is Mark trusted you and Gannon and I’m hoping you can help me. Thank You ,
    So much Joyce Dooley

  3. Michael Barrett says:

    Had my hearing in march 2015 I want to post before my desion so this was my second time before him Very through new things wif e didnt now about me does his homework Im a wreck waiting for results but what Ic an tell you he is a strait shooter and a caring man and ill be ok because I told him how it is and he listened and seemed concerned about facts My thought is what ever happens I cant say anything negitive about this man advice be honest get what he asks for show respect and pray.

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