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  1. Rena Hayes says:

    I had my hearing yesterday with judge klinger i feel real good the vocational person said no to my past two jobs that i was not able to do.

  2. Richard A. Mainor says:

    I had my Disability hearing in July of 2016 with Judge Klinger presiding. It took less than 4 weeks before I received notification of a fully favorable ruling. Thank you Judge Klinger and your staff for a decision that will help me receive the resources that will improve the quality of my life from this point forward.
    God Bless you and your family!

  3. LaCynthia Williams says:

    I had my hearing 12/09/13 with judge Frank Klinger everything was going smooth for a while until he got to the Ve. He asked him if i could do my past job and he responded with a yes and the other 2 or 3 hypotheticals he said no to so I was wondering if anyone else got approved that way or not. The judge seems a bit nice but I am scared of the outcome that it may bring. I just hope that I got an approval on my case because I have been denied benefits years ago and never got approved.

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