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  1. Anonymous says:

    For several weeks before going into my online hearing for SSDI I was terrified. I become very traumatized when it comes to any sort of legal situations and was extremely nervous before the hearing ever even happened. When the day came of the hearing, Judge Andreas introduced himself to me and was kind. Through the entire time, Judge Andreas treated me with respect and made me actually feel like I was a human being. He was very professional and understanding about everything everyone there talked about. I am very grateful I had Judge Andreas for my hearing and although I have not received my decision yet, the final thing Judge Andreas said to me at the end was to “stay safe”. Him saying this put my nervousness at ease. Thank you Judge Andreas.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was very surprised and somewhat offended that the judge went on the record to ask me about my experience representing claimants. What if this had been my very first hearing, would that have made him biased? The judge was very pleasant and very fair. I have a significant amount of experience, but what about new reps? It was the first time I had encountered this, and it wasn’t pleasant, but the judge was very nice.

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