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  1. Randolph Oka says:

    ALJ Michaud dismissed my Notice of Reconsideration and remanded case back to Salinas, CA SSA office where they won’t budge. Read about 3 years ago that the judge had the highest vote percentage in approval and small percentage denial. 70% approval votes! Much less now . . .

    I felt the judge was on my side even though I refuse to hire an attorney because attorney Marcia Anderson out of Maryland has been providing me with free advice – extensive. Google her for free advice.

  2. VTA says:

    Very fair judge usually uses ME and VE and has attorney present case will allow record to be left open if you need to submit additional evidence.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This judge rarely paid attention during my video conference hearing. Was talking to his clerk in the room with him about issues not relating to my case. He didn’t listen to the VE say there was nothing I could do and made up other jobs I was able to be hired for. This judge may have a higher than normal approval rating, but he must have been having a bad day when my case came up and being the first one of the day didn’t help. Lawyer is appealing to the AC in hopes of getting it kicked back for a more thorough hearing next time.

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