2.6 based on 5 reviews


  1. Richard J Lucas says:

    Reject of a Judge…If, only I can give him Zero stars ..I would ……

  2. Fr says:

    This judge is worthless. Deserves no stars. Absolutely threw out all supporting evidence.

  3. N says:

    Terrible horrible rapist defending judge.

  4. He just like cops he leads you to think all will be fine.
    Then you realize it’s a common misleading gesture to make you feel good.
    A judge who never saw me in person is allowed to make decisions?
    I just don’t know why the government refuses to help me. Don’t even getting my stimulus checks.
    The irs hangs up on me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Incredibly thorough with his questions for claimant. Judge Roberson was incredibly respectful and kind to the claimant, while still maintaining the highest degree of professionalism. This made the hearing a pleasant experiences for the claimant. I wish more judges had the judicial temperment of Judge Roberson.

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