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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above comments. He is a very cruel and heartless person. He does not deserve to make decisions on the future of the disabled. He obviously has no compassion for people and enjoys belittling people. His decisions are written like a middle school note from a bully. He needs to be thrown out of office.

  2. John A Reese says:

    My wife went beofre him twice he seemed to be focused on her having a stroke when the big picture is she’s worked all of her life until she had a stroke as a result of heart catheral test, but besides that her heart is leaking very badly and they wanted to do open heart surgery 7 years ago, she has a fibulatir in her chess and now her heart is leaking very severely now, and he was about to turn her down again , as if she still can work

  3. teresa mizell says:

    my name is teresa mizell i went in front of you april 11 2012 if you realy knwed me im a good person some of the drs you talked to didnt tell the truth dr jonnalagadda i saw him a few times he told me he wanted to in and cut some of my colon out because it was stretched then he got his security to call me to tell since i dont have anykind of medicaid or ins. that he wouldnt be able to do it .he preferd me to go to another dr. but i dont have the money in back may 2003 i had more than a small bruise i had 2 black eyes knot all over my head and body i was beat up really bad.please take this in consideration and help me with some kind of benefit i been trying sir for 7 years my health is not no better thats why i have 1 dr he treats me with my mental problems and my pain

  4. teresa mizell says:

    mr davenport he dont have a heart he dont care who he hurts i have been under a depression for 8 days know who going to fix my heart out of 44 years of my life ive never had no one to hurt me the way this maN HAS discriminated my name so bad he must have never had his heart broken i havent been the same since april 11 2012 he took the life out of me i want never be the same shame on him he dont know what it feels like to have to live like this i already problems but this takes the cake i just wish he would take in my consideration of the problems that i have know i am really got mental problems theres something that i could do about how hes discriminated my name when he dont know the real facts i m the only one that could tell him about my life.please who ever reads this take it in my consieration and have a heart for me i need help real bad if you have a heart please see that i can get some kind of benifits

  5. Anonymous says:

    Truculent and snide with representatives. Disrespectful to claimants. Writes poorly drafted decisions that cry out for appellate reversal.

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