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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge Gary Elliott should be depended, disbarred and thrown in jail. On my social security denial he decided that the testimony of my licensed Psychiatrist carried “little weight” because my Psychiatrist agreed with me. He totally disregarded the fact that I was having panic attacks, vomiting and getting diarrhea on the way to work because my anxiety was so bad. He implied that somehow I just made up the arthritis in my back, but x-rays don’t lie. He does not believe that people with anxiety and depression can get substantially worse over the years. I used to be able to function somewhat at work but with much difficulty but stopped working because of panic attacks, crying, difficulty breathing, talking too fast, getting in trouble for behavior bring socially inappropriate

  2. Daughter says:


    I want to say that the judge my mother had on 8/1/2014 was a blessing. Finally someone listened, and heard the cries of my mothers pain of all that has happened to her in life. Her anxiety,depression,PTSD,Abuse,and other health issues. My NANA went with her that day, and they just prayed for farines, being on the negative that was being said about judges not caring. Well my mother said the judge, and the staff treated them well, and that was a shock for her. My mother told me the judge listened to her, and showed he was a human being with care. My mother just prayed,and gave it to God. She said the lord knows the truth, and will be on her side. Her verse Psalms 7 she just kept saying it. My sister, and I feel a little better going off to college know. My mother wants to thank Judge Gary Elliott and staff for letting her speak, and her approval. She will never be the same, but a least this part of the system showed her they care about mental illness. The lord is watching over her, and my NaNa and PaPa. She is worried because she has to do another review in 2 yrs. Just keeps that anxiety on her. We understand.

    Thank you Judge Gary Elliott for hearing my mother.

    Daughters, Love… Mom RGK Psalms 102

  3. daughter says:

    Helping my mother with paper work. We needed location for address. She came across of some scary reviews that people wrote. They wasn’t treated fairly, and was judge by them not caring. We came across one that said that one of the judges did care. To see her go in to anxiety attack again scared me. She has been a fighter all her life, and worked hard. My mom is not the same. We lost her years ago. She always kept putting the strong face on. My sister, and grandparents would hear her cry at night, and break down. I’m praying that the Judge is honest, and fair. My mother has been through a lot with sickness, and other health issues for years. This VA scandal with high ups not protecting people, and helping is sad. They end up hurting people, and they die. Mental illness is serious, anxiety, PTSD, Depression, being abuse, and other chronic medical issues. My mother worked hard in life, and did everything right. What happened to her in life still hunts her. People deserve their disability. Nobody understands until you have the issues. Mental issues is serious. My mom covered hers up for years when bad was being doing to her for us. Until you have a panic attack, anxiety, depression or see it happens to your love one. It’s hard.

    God Bless, Have not seen judge yet. We are going by the good reviews my nana, and I read.

    For my mother Psalms 7 her verse

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