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  1. Kristina Corso says:

    Obviously it is a stressful time when you get to the hearing level but I honestly wasn’t nervous at the time because I knew I was being truthful. Judge freyberg was very professional and kind. He spoke to me with dignity and seemed very well prepared regarding my case. I was a bit more nervous afterwards because you naturally second guess your answers because it’s hard to sum up your situation with just a few sentences. When I received my decision I was so relieved to see that I was approved, but more than that I was highly impressed with my decision letter. It was like I was reading about my medical history in my own words. He is clearly good at his job and reading between the lines when it comes to making these decisions. Obviously I couldn’t tell him everything I would have liked to in the hearing but I didn’t need to. He knows what makes sense and what doesn’t. I don’t think much gets past this judge.

  2. Suzanne R. says:

    Judge Freyberg is a decent and professional juror. (I do not know the results of my case—If I am not granted disability it will be because my lawyer was not prepared and did not present enough evidence.) I found the judge to be very thoughtful and inquisitive. He asked many questions and was never demeaning or dismissive. I am sure he will consider all the evidence presented to him and render his verdict according to the law. He does not take his job lightly and realizes his decision will have serious consequences. I personally feel that he was very kind and compassionate. He worked diligently toward understanding what my history and circumstances were. I was so horribly nervous about the hearing and I feel just relieved today! I believe that I was very fortunate in being appointed Judge Freyberg—regardless of the decision he finds he is required to make.

  3. Shannon says:

    He’s a nice judge

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