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  1. anonymous says:

    I’m sure he doesn’t read these comments, but they are a testament to his judicial temperament and unfair adjudication of claims. An approval rate consistently under 20% is unimaginable, coupled with his documented comments and the many complaints against him. I hate to wish ill on anyone, but I hope that he or someone in his immediate family faces a disabling condition and can’t work, and he sees firsthand the bureaucratic process claimants have to endure, and then they end up with an ALJ similar to him and get denied. I don’t know how he looks himself in the mirror each morning, but someday he will have to account for his actions as to how he treated “the least of these” in this world. I hope he doesn’t call himself a Christian, and blaspheme the name of Jesus by his lack of compassion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was told he doesnt like drug addicts. I had one year in recovery and he found me unable to work. Then denied me all of a sudden my papers state that i was found able to work.. THAT IS A LIE!!!! MY LAWYER EVEN SAID HE A TUFF JUDGE BUT HE DID FIND YOU UNABLE TO WORK….. BUT HE MAY STILL DENY IT.

  3. Thurman Tyndall says:

    This so called judge is a disgrace to human beings. My daughter just went through with this sob and his so called report was nothing but lies and false statements. This was my daughters 2 times being denied her disability. I have been supporting her since 2000. She can not work I wonder how many people have committed suicide because of his lies and false report. I wonder how many people he has killed with ssi’s help by letting him do this type of review of peoples health when he is not a doctor and knows nothing about peoples disabilities. I know what I am saying about this sob because i was in the hearing with her. I was a administrative police sergeant for years and I have never dealt with this type people with his so called status as a judge and being inhuman. I blame social security for having incompetent people deciding by themselves without regulation with or panel of doctors whether a person is disabled are not. This so called judge is a disgrace to united states law. Social security an the way they do american citizens is a joke. Illegal aliens can come across the border never paying in social security gets social security and $500 to $600 per kid they have and no control how many kids they can have at taxpayer expense. I have paid into social security for fifty years an my daughter is an american citizen and can get nothing. As far as I am concerned he is not a qualified person to do peoples disabilities it should be done by a panel of doctors.

  4. 2018 says:

    Rules are for the Pharisees. In America we rule by common law, Gary. Use some common sense. Look beyond the strict rule of law. These are human beings you are passing your judgement upon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Everyone: You are aware Mr. Suttles can be sued under Federal Law under TORT CLAIMS ACT– sue this **** file claim for $ 2 million for damages then they have to investigate and send you a response from that Agency

  6. kb says:

    How can Mr. Suttles be an ALJ SSA judge-requires current state bar number (Texas) Mr. Suttles updated his in 2017 this year. How did he get by 5 CFR investigations requirements. All of his cases need to be over turned due to judicial conflicts. ( congress needs to do their job) He is not qualified for anything dealing with law. Worst judge ever.

  7. ken blackburn says:

    Judge Suttles is allowed to do what he wants. Under current law (joke) the Congress writes statues , Now the first problem the Agency writes the CFR ( by non-elected personnel) working for the Secretary of the Agency by the Agency, to promote and protect the Agency. Now the second problem the Agency writes the Regulations again ( by non-elected personnel) working for the Secretary of the Agency by the Agency, to promote and protect . None reviewed by the Judiciary Committee as required. At present we have 3 stories high Federal Regulations if stacked. 81,036 pages added in 2015. In 2014 per government records there were 175,268 at 212 volumes printed. All you can do is start researching regulations for rebuttal of any changes of files by SSA at Field Office. Everything is re-written by non-elected , poorly trained employees to violate the rights of all US citizens. Right to Jury Trials.
    All designed since APA was written to circumvent the constitution.

  8. krb says:

    The only thing a person can do is do a rebuttal on any additions to your case file or change offices. ( called Washington and they suggested a different office -they know the issues) Constant review is required when dealing with SSA. Remember SSA will always ASSUME anything against claimant ( the worst ) Suttles will deny admissions of evidence. Hopefully they give you SSI ( back pay to disability date) plus Medicaid ( Cigna Plus coverage) All I can advise is to check and review case files constantly and check SSA rules (POMS) they are different than what they assume. Get the right form SSA they will not give you any assistance. Required on Internet for public. Do the same ASSUME SSA is lying about everything. You can win!!!

  9. M says:

    Unbiased judging? Not even close! By LAW the ALJs are required to be unbiased. The law does not apply to Gary Suttles as has been proven time and again. When I caught him giggling at my hearing I had to look this man up. No wonder he breaks the law – he hasn’t even completed his training requirements! The man refuses to watch a 17 minute video regarding equal rights for gays, lesbians, transsexuals, and bisexuals for fear of offending his religious rights. Yes, read that again. He is SUING his employer rather than take 17 minutes to meet mandatory minimum training requirements. Does that really sound too stupid to believe? Look it up! Just type Gary J Suttles and the term LGBT in your search tool and prepare to see your page fill with facts. I hope you have some reading time. Never mind his newsworthiness regarding Mr. McMurray above, he’s popular as well. (Thank You for your service, Shawn.) And that’s just the evidence that made the news so we’ll never know what other training he’s lacking in. Did this lack of training effect your case? It did mine! He picked and chose only the evidence in my Doctors’ and Neurologists’ records to support his agenda, and when there weren’t enough facts to support his agenda, he simply made numbers up based on nothing presented to him in my records without acknowledging one single fact out of pages of documents to support my crippling disease. He made claims my daily life was “normal” with “no issues” although every claim he referenced to come up with this conclusion was taken out of context. Every incident he cited required assistance which he managed to leave those details out. Sorry to say it folks, but the system I paid into non-stop for 30 years and many of you even longer is broken. How do the judges get away with this? Simple! The “system” made them untouchable. If the judge can’t be held accountable, he/she is supposed to have the freedom to judge without bias. Look it up. It sounds like a good plan, but let the record speak for itself. As I type this 84% of the people sitting through his hearings are “Liars”. Many folks want a free ride and I get it. I wasn’t lying with paperwork to prove it. Were you?

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