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  1. Ronald J. Ash says:

    My wife, Amy Ash was recently denighed disability. And his judgement was beyond poor. He either didnt have all the fact or he cherry picked them. Numorous times he would bring up that she drives but not that she has to as I cant and if she doesnt our children cant eat.Or that she always looked dressed okay and was well groomed but left out that I have to make sure she goes to bed on time,has clean clothes,get up on time to shower and get ready and then make sure she goes to appointment.He aslso sticks steadfast to her recert. in 2019 that stated she was no longer bipolar. Which is the biggest load. She had to go months with out meds and he states it like she no longer was seeking help when it was because with no benefits she had no insurance and didnt know what to do.
    This has been a mess from the start. She had bariatric surgery for health reasons.After the weight loss she became manic and wanted to atleast try to work part time. We discussed how I thought she was being manic and should wait. She agreed and the took a job at Dollar Store behind my back.So I backed her up.But I told her repeatedly told her to make sure she reported it to ss.She would say her therapist knew and I would tell her thats not how ss works.I was correct.It was used to claim she wasnt bipolar.When she lost disability she tried the post office as she would be by her self alot and not around people. It worked at first but slowly it got worse and worse. It start with one or two phone calls then more and more longer phone calls.Sometimes not even talking and just leave me on the line..Until one day she broke.She is now headed to Woodridge as I type.Alot of mental and financal pain here for no reason.. Please contact with any advice sir.

  2. Joy Przybyla says:

    Hi Gentry. Joy Przybyla from Raleigh here. I’m trying to find a phone number and email address for you so I can roll over my ABA 401(k) funds to my IRA. Please send me those 2 pieces of information. I hope you and your family are all well! Thank you so much. My number is (919) 274-7116 if you prefer to call or text the info.

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