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  1. Not Giving Up! says:

    In 2018, ALJ Casher, and in 2020, ALJ Elkin, heard my case for disability. To prove my case, I issued a Nerve Conduction Study & Electromyography that showed I have Carpal Tunnel in both wrists, slow nerve conduction in right Superior Peroneal and my left Common Peroneal Nerves, along with left and right H-Reflexes conducting below normal; numerous MRIs that showed spinal cord compression, ruptured or bulging discs, along with S1 Nerve Root compression; Xrays; notes from my doctor outling my limitations (no repetitive hand motions, no jobs that require me to lift above 20 lbs., or perform motions such as sweeping and mopping, an no tasks that require me to work with cold temperatures), including a note requesting my dismissal from Jury Duty given the length of time I would need to be seated; a letter from the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency declaring I had a disability; findings from my Ophthamplogist which showed I have cataracts, as well as Dry Eye Syndrome of both lacrimal glands, visual disturbance and repeated erosion of my right cornea and was still denied; and finally, I was medically diagnosed with and am being treated for depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and anxiety.

    ALJ Casher, as well as ALJ Elkin dclared I was not disabled because I did not present objective medical evidence that showed I met the criteria listed in the SSA’s Blue Book. I have since filed a complaint as I am now on my 4th filing. Something stinks with the process in the southern part of Georgia!

  2. Lavanda says:

    Judge casher made me feel very comfortable with my hearing he was understanding and very professional

  3. Carl says:

    Hope you don’t get G. Casher. He thinks he’s a god as he sits high on his thrown. He does not give you a chance of telling your story. He just asks three or four questions. And doesn’t want to hear anymore from you. Waisted three years of my life. If I did not find God in those last 3 years. I would have killed myself. Why go on in such pain. But I have faith in Jesus Christ. Everything will be ok.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was wrong. This Judge is wrong. If you get this Judge be prepared to get denied.

  5. Chris says:

    I read every review of this judge and all I can say about this man is that he is very thorough. I was asked just about every question imaginable so that he could get an accurate picture of my disabilities. I have yet to get the results and we are praying that he gets it right. Judge Casher was very professional. If you are really disabled don’t worry. If you are faking I imagine you will be found out. If I get negative results I will be sure to report. Good luck everyone.

  6. Horne says:

    My families welfare depended on this crooks last words, and he got it wrong but my family suffers badly, I can no longer stand to watch this it’s my fault,I’ve become the anchor around their necks, if I was able to work I would love to, so it’s my turn to check out and my bloods on cahers hands, if my back was broke in half he would not have cared, shame on a supposed judge,, may my spirit haunt him the days of his life, it’s time for me to go now, goodbye cruel world goodbye, you were very wrong casher,so very so,

  7. Horne says:

    I am a decorated veteran I was prepared to give of my life,if that is what’s required of me to expose the likes of Jeff casher then it’s a worthy cause if it’ll keep him from hurting others,

  8. Horne says:

    It’s not the point my case was denied but the outritht lies and partial truths he used, and how he twisted it around,but he did put it in writing and signed it,so all I know. To do is file complaint with lcq and write letter to potus,which I intend to do,I mean outright lied and left out anything positive for my case!

  9. Charles says:

    I made the mistake of using Freedom Disability and after close to 3 years, just got a denial from my hearing. The judge on the case Geoffrey Casher used lies and fabrications in his denial notice; which doesn’t surprise me when he has an approval rating of 25% compared to 60% for the Nation. I guess that is why his salary increased from $106K to $167K in the last 10 years.
    Just a couple of the ludicrous points the judge made:
    – Taking more importance from a med consult that lasted 4 minutes and was supposed to be for examining my migraines when he did not even mention the migraines, only my back problems. My back was hurting from sitting in a car 45 minutes being driven to Hinesville for this 4 minute appt. but was supposed to mainly be for the migraines from what the judge said at the hearing. He wrote out all kinds of stuff i supposedly can and cannot do, all based on a 4 minute appt. The judge took this as fact instead or the numerous doctors notes and appointments from my Neurologist and Psychiatrist and Coastal Harbor and Mayo Clinic.
    – He mentioned me not having medical records or on medicine in the last year. Well that is only because I could not afford to go to my doctors or get medicine without insurance or being on Disability. I went from $65K a year working at St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System to being on Food Stamps. When I applied for Food Stamps I also applied for Medicaid but was turned down, they said I could reapply after getting Disability. I also tried ObamaCare… they told me I did not make any money so that would not apply for me either. So all i could do is wait these almost 3 years since applying for Disability, hoping to make it to the point i could go back to the doctor and get back on my medication.
    – He mentioned 3 scenarios during the hearing to the Vocational Expert, the 1st had the Expert give 3 jobs (Delivery driver- hard to do since I can not drive from my light sensitivity and migraines, Addresser and Marker- both of which would consist of reading and being in the light)… the 2nd and 3rd scenarios had the Expert say there was no job I could do at all. But mysteriously on the denial report, he fails to mention anything about the 2nd or 3rd scenarios, only the first one listed above.
    People are prosecuted for fraud, and judge casher deserves to be imprisoned for the fraud he is committing on disabled citizens.

  10. happy1292 says:

    Judge Mr. Casher was understanding . Mr. Casher made me feel very comfortable during my recent hearing . Also Judge Mr. Casher was VERY concerned and also VERY fair with his decision with my hearing case and files .

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