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  1. David Hernandez says:

    this judge is a racist peace of shit that even admitted not going over my medical file. then denied me even though 3 doctors have declared me disabled…

  2. Deb Farm says:

    I am from MN and Judge Gaffney was my mother’s attorney. She has recently died and I desperately need to talk to him. Does anyone have a phone number or email?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I recently had a video hearing with this judge and after reading the reviews I was absolutely terrified. I was pleasantly surprised by him he wasn’t rude he allowed me to speak and my attorney. He wasn’t overly friendly he was just simply about getting the facts and doing his job. At this point I don’t know if I have been approved or denied but I can say he heard my attorney and myself out and I do feel like he was fair in that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Gaffaney is an embarrassment to SSA. I’ve done hundreds of hearings and lost plenty of case, but rarely seen the misconceptions and lies like the ones from George Michael Gaffaney.

    His denial of my disabled claimant caused laughs in the office due to medical and legal errors (no, your honor, the RFC determination is NOT reserved to the Commissioner). I wish i could go back in front of him when this is remanded, but alas, I cannot put my client through this farce anymore.

    George is why client’s representatives opt of video hearings. If the Commissioner wishes to have more of these, she needs to get rid of the Chicago NHC and its 20% payment rate (less than half the national average).

  5. Kyle says:

    First of all remember that the merits of your case will rule the day. I had a case history going back 11 years which made for a strong case. Although for whatever it’s worth, by the time I had my hearing on September 11, 2014, this had been my 3rd time third filing for Disability since 2008. Also a year before my hearing I was refused an On The Record Review of my case. Its known that it is tough to win with Judge Gaffaney but if your medical problems are undeniable then you stand a chance of prevailing in front of him and that’s what I did. The judges’ bases their decision on what the vocational expert says and he said there were no jobs I could do. Judge Gaffaney told me that he would expedite my decision and I received it in 6 weeks, so I don’t know how long it normally takes. I just know that I was lucky enough to get a fully favorable one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Frankly, the first three comments are so fantastically counter to my experience in this guy’s hearing room, I have concluded that perhaps his honor posted them himself! At the time of my hearing he was turning down almost nine of every ten who came before him. I’m not talking about a tough, fair minded judge here, he was contemptuous, arrogant, condescending, and biased. I came before him with three RFC’s, one from my neurologist of “five years,” one from my primary internist of “ten years,” and the Neurologists PA, all fully supportive of my complete disability including reams of documentation. In his decision, he accorded all of the weight to the SSA hack, who had never so much as looked upon my face, let alone examined my body! He stated that my “board certified” neurologist was only minimally credible, and that my primary was wholly not credible, a black outrage! Further, he opined in his decision that because I came from the work comp system, I was likely trying to game the system, a speculation wholly unsupported by any evidence whatsoever, and so outrageous based upon the mountains of medical evidence available to him, that it bordered on the criminal!(its a federal crime to retaliate against a worker for having come through the work comp system)

    This man cost me years of further anguish, the loss of my last few possessions, and the return of my cancer with zero coverage resulting in the loss of my Prostate, bladder, and glands! the appeals council refused to even review his decision, mind you they refused to even “review” it, an action that took them 14 months to inform me of!

    But I got this evil man back, the federal district court slam dunked him, though it tacked on an additional “two years” of waiting! My attorney at the time of the hearing simply told me straight up, this man is ruthless, even though your case is a no-brainer, its highly unlikely that you will prevail in front of him, he was more then understating the issue…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Super intelligent judge. Cuts to the chase and is fair minded about disability claims.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Best judge I’ve come across. Smart and experienced.

  9. An Honest Assesser says:

    Judge Gaffaney presides over hearings with professionalism and intelligence. He is able to get to the heart of the claim and ask all relevant questions. Sometimes the claimants and representatives might not like this, but they have to admit that he is skilled at getting to the truth and bringing out discrepancies.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think he was fair. The witness they provided even stated I could not work with my limitations… And yet I was still denied. There doctor they sent me to put it would be very difficult for me to work.. I just dont get it .

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