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  1. AW says:

    I went before Judge Merchant to present my case for my minor child. I do not know the outcome yet. However, I will state that he has a kind demeanor and I thought that when he met us in the waiting room before I realized he was our judge. I did not feel intimidated & I felt like he was relatable. My child did start crying and I had to pause to see if she was okay. Judge Merchant immediately stepped from the bench to console my child. I appreciated the compassion he displayed to her. Even if he doesn’t rule in her favor my opinion remains the same. I still like the other lady who ruled against us before going in front of ALJ even if I did not agree with her decision. I understand the emotions ppl go through when dealing with physical and/or mental disabilities. I too feel offended and aggravated that my child has to live a challenging life unlike the majority of her peers and social security is trying to say she’s no longer considered disabled- I would give my right arm for that to be true. However, I understand these people sometimes have to make challenging decisions and it’s not always easy to make and I try not to take it too personal and just appeal to the next level. I am just glad that Judge Merchant was not intimidating and respectful and not someone who has a stoic and/or condescending attitude.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Merchant is kind, precise, and well prepared. He takes his position serious with an understanding heart. Please don’t make your decision of him off of reading comments. I’m grateful for my outcome but even if his decision was unfavorable I would still give five stars just off the respect he showed me and his caring demeanor.

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