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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is very hard to tell what Judge Reyes was thinking at my hearing. I was in there for about 15-20 minutes and he never even asked the VE any questions. Reyes asked about my education. He made a comment “you were making good money”….I said yes sir. He asked how heavy the field scope tri-pod was, when I was assisting in the field with a designer and I guessed about 30#? My atty made some medical statements regarding a couple appts the SSA sent me to, but did not understand any of it. THEN IT WAS DONE. He was polite. My anxiety was off the chart. It’s hard to rate him under my circumstances.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have nothing good to say about judge Reyes, my wife tried to get disability he was the judge he barely gave her the time of day he turned her away so fast it wasn’t even funny, as a matter of fact he had a cut her hearing short because the person behind her who could not speak English her interpreter had an emergency so he had to get to her as soon as possible. How does a woman who can’t even speak English get this far for getting disability. Judge Reyes should be ashamed of himself for not giving my wife the proper time needed! My wife still cannot work to this day she still has all the same problems that she’s had for the last 4 years and now since she can’t work we are financially strapped. Mater of fact we are at the emergency room right now.

  3. pl says:

    I think he is very professional,it took 2 times,but understandable….my attorney did not get all info in in time !

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