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  1. Patrick Monier says:

    I’ve worked since I was 13. In every job I’ve had, I’ve exceeded on what was expected. I was the best of the best. I now suffer from physical & mental issues from my 8yrs in the military and 20yrs working in the civilian sector managing retail stores. As my ailments worsen, I was awarded 100% disability from the VA and was classified as “Unemployable”. I’m a 55yr old man stuck in a 85yr old body. Between my employer & I, Soc Sec has $200,000 entitled to me. Unfortunately I have to wait till 62 before I see any of this. The way things are looking, I won’t see 62. With all the medical records I’ve sent, Judge Gerald L. Meyers has denied my right to my benefits. I’m told it’s because, ” I’m White & Educated”. Isn’t that reverse discrimination? I’m embarrassed enough that my body has given out but it’s even more embarrassing begging for what is rightfully mine.

  2. Tina smitherman says:

    I had judge myers I’m total disabled but not on death bed, I can’t drive anymore can’t be around alot of people cause of my ptsd,my friends and children do every thing for me now,besides dress me..he denied me,how am I gonna work if I have no way and I can’t drive…makes me want to give up on life,maybe that’s what he wants too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really nice ALJ. I represented client who was disabled and the medical evidence supported it. Judge Meyer realized that and did not muddy up the water and accepted evidence at face value. He awarded claim at hearing.

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