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  1. Anonymous says:

    Terrible judge. His written decision was just plain nasty and inconsistent. Appealed up to the District Court and the Court granted my appeal. Bounced back for another hearing, and please God, give me a better judge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is the worst judge you could get . he asked everthing about my back . the pain meds make drozy all day long . i cannot lift over 5 lbs.i have degenitive spine . and depression ; note i took 25 lorazipam .i dont know how he walk the earth , very bad judge if you get him go home sick , he will help u less than 50% of the time. good luck

  3. yvette alexander says:

    this judge took the time to read my case. he reasd all the doctors notes. and actually listened to my testomy. he asked me more questions than he asked my lawyer. there is nothing bad i can say about him. he made me feel comfortable. and when the hearing was over, he told me i truly hope you get better. thank you for listening and reviewing my case to the fullest. you have made my life a little easier. i even had a fully favorable descion in less than 30 days. if you feel you are disabled and can not work anymore. fight , dont give up. because if you are disabled, the judge will see it in all your medical records, and doctors notes. so keep going to all your appointments. and establish a good relationship with your doctors

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