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  1. GHP=(-) * * * * Negative 4-Star Rating says:

    You madam are emotionally & financially raping the citizens of Roanoke and Southwest Virginia! You are one of the highest paid SSA “judges” with one of the highest rates of denial to legitimately disabled people. You emotionally raped my wife…on multiple occasions. You appeared in your courtroom with messy hair, crusty face, a wrinkled robe and a “go mug” of coffee or “something”. Your demeanor was heartless, your “Frazier-type” Blacksburg Pschologist who cared less than you, was telephoned in..not even Skyped, so all he went by were words…no facial or emotional expressions of my wife! He was a worthless “doctor”. The job market were nationwide stats, not SWVA. You and your fellow emotional rapers should be defrocked and de-certified. This excerpt is your public salary disclosure: “In 2016, Geraldine H. Page was an Administrative Law Judge at the Social Security Administration in Roanoke, Virginia. began working at the Social Security Administration in 2005 with a starting salary of $104,458. Since then, ‘s salary has increased to $169,352 in 2016.
    Geraldine H. Page is a AL-03 under the administrative law judges payscale and is among the highest-paid ten percent of employees in the Social Security Administration.” (https://www.federalpay.org/employees/social-security-administration/page-geraldine-h)

    YOU ARE CRUDE, RUDE, PREJUDICED, HEARTLESS & are doomed for failure by your very own fellows. If revisions or deletions are made to my post, I will repost and create a Twitter campaign legitimately against you.

  2. debra burgess says:

    This women is a heartless!!! She has denied me twice. I have had an open case for eleven years. She told me my mental and physical conditions were severe but she was denying me any.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pray you do not get this person,I am not calling her a judge.If you get her you will be denied.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well look at the new rates Judge Page is 5% below State of Va. average. Anyone wonder if she gets a bonus for denying SSDI? Bet she does! Also an individual who has a graduate degree that refers to any person as a liar needs to attend professional accountability. This is because she is not accountable to anyone for anything.
    Oh, an high level government employee. They do what they want, have 4 weeks vacation, 2 weeks of paid holidays, sick time, come in late, leave early, work 1-2 days a week. Collect a paycheck every 2 weeks and rude probably to coworkers and stakeholders. Nothing happens! You think she reads the comments? I have seen comments changed when they are “personal” or states the truth on ODAR Judges!
    My dad is ill and can not work. He has been in the hospital several times. He cannot stand, sleeps a lot and getting ready for dialysis. You say he can work on manufacture line? REALLY?? He pees every 15-445 minutes. Can stand no more than 30 minutes at a time. Forgets what he is doing and what he is to do! You ‘decided” UNFAVORABLE for him. Made numerous allegations and comments in your response that were wrong! Based on how the SS system works he will be dead before his appeal happens
    I want you to know Ms. Geraldine Page that you have hurt many people for numbers!!
    One day you must realize that what you leave behind is a reflection of yourself
    Do you really want to be known as a mean heartless person who denies the biggest amount of people?
    Maybe one day you need to sit in a store parking lot and look at the people who park in handicapped
    They have nice new cars, walk in the store with no equipment and the underlying ethnic situation is?
    only in America

  5. Anonymous says:

    may Almighty God reward you for your cruelty . your vicious bitterness is overwhelming

  6. Anonymous says:

    why is this alj so pro government mean and cruel ignores solid evidence why—-bitter old woman

  7. Anonymous says:

    KUDOS to below!! Yep I noticed that your post was changed?? Guess Judge did not like it?? Wonder why?
    I to am a victim of her UNFAVORABLE ALSO
    Rude, inconsiderate and wanted to know just what I did.
    A judge is a lawyer that has been given or appointed there job and is an GOVERNMNET employee. What is disgusting is seeing all the FAKE lazy people who are on disability so people who are sick and need it get denied or is your ethnic background??? what are the percent’s when that is viewed??????
    LESSON one always tell your doctor you feel bad. if you are military and been trained not to complain…do it anyway. she will say you lie
    also get other opinions cause she won’t accept your own doctors
    sad sad day in America when I paid in for years and get nothing and foreigners can come over and get housing, food, medical care, education. I served my country and who cares??????

  8. Anonymous says:

    This judge has only 2 written reviews posted for years of work? Why is that? I find it extremely interesting since she has the highest denial and dismissed rate among ODAR in Roanoke Va.
    Do not think any of the ODAR staff are on your side, even though citizens of the USA have PAID into SSDI (I = insurance) you will find they are not. It doesn’t matter what condition you have or how long you have had it. It is all about saving the government money.
    Mind you it takes years (4 YEARS) to get a hearing to receive an unfavorable ruling. What is concerning is the audacity of referring to me as a liar. How dare you say you are unable to believe me? Did you ever think that if you had obtained the correct records you would of noted I was telling the truth?
    I want you to know that I have not worked for 4 years and the only people you have managed to hurt is my family.

  9. Anonymous says:

    it would be helpful if the government would teach this judge how to reason and not use form . does what her bosses in Washington tells her one example of why this office needs to be changed. robot judges we do not need

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge Geraldine Page was Biased and Predjudice against my Husbands disability case.
    She did not want to hear previous descision by Judge Swartz who died of Cancer and
    had sent her The Case for a ” New Decision”. She was very Rude and I saw on another site ,that she is not even a judge! She was hired by The Court to Practice as a Judge but is only a Lawyer.

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